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Accessing KYVL

IP range up to date?

Database access for member school districts, public libraries, institutions, hospitals and special libraries occurs through IP authentication at the member location.

If you are having difficulty accessing resources at your institution, check to be sure that KYVL has updated IP ranges on file.

Are you able to get into these the links below?

If not, we may not have your IP address associated with your institution.  Please Submit a Question to request an IP change.

Bypassing the proxy

The Kentucky Virtual Library uses IP authentication for member locations. If your organization/library/school uses a proxy server or some form of internet caching system (such as Cacheflow) to increase Internet performance, these databases will not authenticate properly. It is important that member institutions allow these sites to bypass the proxy or caching system thus allowing the end user to achieve direct communication with these databases and not a cached version of the site. Generally this means adding these sites to a "pass-through" list or filter. Consult the documentation of your proxy/caching device for the specific instructions.

Because of their dynamic nature, the sites become very difficult to use if they are not passed through and can return wrong and irrelevant results to your users, or impede access completely. It is important to add these to your list or filter.

URLs to whitelist

The following URLs should be added to member safe lists: com

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