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Committees and Work Groups

KDL Member Council

The KDL Member Council meets electronically three to four times each year for updates on the work of the KDL Work Group, for support and collaboration, and to prioritize member needs and concerns. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. Meetings are coordinated by KYVL and the KDL Work Group chair.

The member council is open to representatives of participating institutions. Institutions considering participation in KDL may also provide a representative.

Approved 5.18.2018

Announcements about Member Council meetings are made via the KDL e-list. For more information about joining this list, visit

KDL Work Group charge

To advise KYVL in facilitating digital access by KYVL audiences to Kentucky materials housed throughout the Commonwealth.

Revised 7.28.2017

KDL Work Group tasking for F18-19

  • To monitor progress of return of KDL@UK content
  • To oversee the work of the KDL web team
  • To explore metadata harvesting with CONTENTdm and DPLA
  • To make a recommendation regarding KYVL DPLA membership
  • To evaluate options for a KDL users group meeting

Approved 5.18.2018

Makeup of KDL Work Group

Each of several constituency groups is eligible to name a representative to the KDL Work Group. Representation from each constituency group, however, is not required. The KYVL director serves ex officio. Other members are selected by the organizations they represent* and serve staggered three-year terms that begin July 1.

Affirmed by LT 12.16.2016

Group No. of reps Selecting body Membership requirements
AIKCU 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating AIKCU institutions*  
K12 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating K12 institutions*  
KCTCS 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating KCTCS institutions*  
Kentucky historical societies, et. al. 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating historical societies*  
KYVL 1 ex officio Director, non-voting
KYVL Leadership Team 1 KYVL Leadership Team LT liaison is non-voting;
May be a voting member in another role
Public libraries 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating public libraries*  
SAALCK 1 KDL Member Council representatives of participating SAALCK institutions*  
Nonaffiliated academics 1 KDL Member Council representatives of like participating institutions*  

*Initial appointments may be made by KYVL Leadership Team.

Approved 5.18.2018

KDL Web Team tasking for F18-19

  • To identify and prioritize desired web customizations
  • To solicit stakeholder (Member Council) input
  • To develop strategy and implementation timetable for launch and ongoing enhancements.
  • Approved 5.18.2018

KDL Refresh planning team

Institution First Last Email Phone Office
Filson Historical Society Jennie Cole o: 502.635.5083 x245  
Kenton County Public Library Nicole Frilling o: 859.578.7946 Chair
Kentucky Christian University Naulayne Enders o: 606.474.3276 LT liaison
KDLA Kari May o: 502.564.8300  
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073  
University of Pikeville Edna Fugate o: 606.218.5625  

Updated 10.30.2017

Ilona Burdette, KYVL
o: 502.892.3073

Jennie Cole, The Filson Historical Society
o: 502.635.5083 x245

Naulayne Enders, Kentucky Christian University
o: 606.474.3276

Nicole Frilling, Kenton County Public Library
o: 859.578.7946

Edna Fugate, University of Pikeville
o: 606.218.5625

Kari May, KDLA
o: 502.564.8300

Updated 10.30.2017

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