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Committees and Work Groups

Leadership team

Group First Last Email Phone Office Term exp.
AIKCU Naulayne Enders o: 606.474.3276   2020
K12 Kathy Mansfield o: 502.564.2106, x4500   ex officio
KCTCS Sheree Williams o: 502.213.2156 Chair 2018
KDLA Beth Milburn o: 502.564.8325   ex officio
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073   ex officio
Publics Laura McWilliams o: 859.792.3424 Recorder 2020
SAALCK David Gregory o: 606.783.5100   2019

Updated 2.5.2018

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Naulayne Enders, AIKCU (2020)
o: 606.474.3276

David Gregory, SAALCK (2019)
o: 606.783.5100

Kathy Mansfield, K12 (ex officio)
o: 502.564.2106

Laura McWilliams, Recorder, Public libraries (2020)
o: 859.792.3424

Beth Milburn, KDLA (ex officio)
o: 502.564.8325

Sheree Williams, Chair, KCTCS (2018)
o: 502.213.2156

Updated 2.5.2018


Group First Last Email Phone Office Term exp.
AIKCU Tony Hopkins o: 502.585.7130 Chair 2019
CPE Aaron Thompson o: 502.892.3079   ex officio
K12 (KASL) Darlah Zweifel o: 270.422.7515, x4522   2019
K12 (KASL) Hollis Hart o: 859.292.3023   2020
K12 (KDE LMC) Kathy Mansfield o: 502.564.2106, x4500   ex officio
KCTCS Donna Abell o: 270.686.4575 Chair, 15-16 2020
KDLA Terry Manuel o: 502.564.1730   ex officio
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073   ex officio
KYVL Leadership Team Sheree Williams o: 502.213.2156   ex officio
Nonaffiliated Academic Billie Anne Gebb o: 859.899.2519 Chair, 16-17 2019
Public libraries (KPLA) Alicia Harrington o: 270.684.0211   2019
Public libraries (KPLA) Kathy Watson o: 606.723.3030   2020
SAALCK Sheila Stuckey o: 502.597.6852   2019
Special libraries Vacant
Vacant       Vacant
University of Kentucky Deirdre Scaggs o: 859.257.3653   ex officio
University of Louisville Bob Fox o: 502.852.6745   ex officio

Updated 7.25.2017

Donna Abell, KCTCS (2020)
o: 270.686.4575

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Bob Fox, University of Louisville (ex officio)
o: 502.852.6745

Billie Anne Gebb, Frontier Nursing University (2019, Chair)
o: 859.899.2519

Alicia Harrington, Public libraries (2019)
o: 270.684.0211

Hollis Hart, K12 (2020)
o: 859.292.3023

Tony Hopkins, AIKCU (2019)
o: 502.585.7130

Kathy Mansfield, K12 / KDE (ex officio)
o: 502.564.2106, x4500

Terry Manuel, KDLA (ex officio)
o: 502.564.1730

Kathy Watson, Public libraries (2020)
o: 606.723.3030

Deirdre Scaggs, University of Kentucky (ex officio)
o: 859.257.3653

Sheila Stuckey, SAALCK (2019)
o: 502-597-6852

Aaron Thompson, CPE (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3079

Sheree Williams, KYVL LT Chair, (ex officio)
o: 502.213.2156

Darlah Zweifel, K12 (2019)
o: 270.422.7515, x4522

Vacant, Special libraries

Vacant, University of Kentucky (ex officio)

Updated 7.25.2017


Group First Last Email Phone Office Term exp.
AIKCU Carrie Frey o: 859.238.5275 Chair 2018
AIKCU Jennifer Walz o: 859.858.3511   2019
AIKCU Jason Cooper o: 859.233.8405   2020
K12 Joni Maloney o: 859.381.3881   2018
K12 Sijean Hill     2019
K12 Emily Northcutt     2020
KCTCS Carla Redden o: 606.759.7141 x66190   2018
KCTCS Katie Meyer o: 270.706.8443   2019
KCTCS Maureen Cropper o: 859.246.6394   2020
KDLA Bill Shrout o: 502.564.8376   per appointment
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073   ex officio
KYVL Leadership Team Laura McWilliams o: 270.792.3424 Liaison  
Publics Nicole Frilling o: 859.578.7946   2018
Publics Johnathan Coleman o: 606.432.9977   2019
Publics Holly Hedden o: 270.781.4882 x218   2020
SAALCK MaryBeth Thomson o: 859.218.1227   2018
SAALCK Kelly Smith o: 859.662.3062   2019
SAALCK Cris Ferguson o: 270.809.5607   2020
Other - nonaffiliated academic Matthew Collins o: 502.992.9398 x420   2018
Other - at large Jill Sherman o: 502.213.8260   2018
Other - special libraries Vacant          

Updated 2.5.2018

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Johnathan Coleman, Publics (2019)
o: 606.432.9977

Matthew Collins, Other (2018)
o: 502.992.9398 x420

Jason Cooper, AIKCU (2020)
o: 859.233.8405

Maureen Cropper, KCTCS (2020)
o: 859.246.6394

Cris Ferguson, SAALCK (2020)
o: 270.809.5607

Carrie Frey, AIKCU (2018)
o: 859.238.5275

Nicole Frilling, Publics (2018)
o: 859.578.7946

Holly Hedden, Publics (2020)
o: 270.781.4882 x218

Sijean Hill, K12 (2019)

Joni Maloney, K12 (2018)
o: 859.381.3881

Katie Meyer, KCTCS (2019)
o: 270.706.8443

Laura McWilliams, LT Liaison
o: 859.792.3424

Emily Northcutt, K12 (2020)

Carla Redden, KCTCS (2018)
o: 606.759.7141 x66190

Jill Sherman, Other (2018)
o: 502.213.8260

Bill Shrout, KDLA (ex officio)
o: 502.564.8376

Kelly Smith, SAALCK (2019)
o: 859.622.3062

Mary Beth Thompson, SAALCK (2018)
o: 859.218.1227

Jennifer Walz, AIKCU (2019)
o: 859.858.3511

Special Libraries - Vacant

Updated 2.5.2018


Group First Last Email Phone Office
AIKCU John Stemmer o: 502.272.8140 Chair
K12 Donna Morris o: 859.314.4275  
KCTCS Pam Klinepeter o: 606.326.2254  
KDLA Terry Manuel o: 502.564.1730  
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073  
KYVL Leadership Team Sheree Williams o: 502.213.2156 LT liaison
Public libraries Ruthie Maslin o: 859.623.6704  
SAALCK Betina Gardner o: 859.622.178  
Special libraries Jessica Petrey o: 502.852.5641  

Updated 8.8.2017

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Betina Gardner, SAALCK
o: 859.622.1778

Pam Klinepeter, KCTCS
o: 606.326.2254

Terry Manuel, KDLA (ex officio)
o: 507.564.7130

Ruthie Maslin, Public libraries
o: 859.623.6704

Donna Morris, K12
o: 859.314.4275

Jessica Petrey, Special libraries
o: 502.852.5641

John Stemmer, AIKCU, Chair
o: 502.272.8140

Sheree Williams, LT liaison
o: 502.213.2156

Updated 8.8.2017

KDL - Kentucky Digital Library

Institution First Last Email Phone Office
Filson Historical Society Jennie Cole o: 502.635.5082 x245  
Kenton County Public Library Nicole Frilling o: 859.578.7946 Chair
Kentucky Christian University Naulayne Enders o: 606.474.3276 LT liaison
KDLA Kari May o: 502.564.8300  
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073  
University of Pikeville Edna Fugate o: 606.218.5625  

Updated 10.30.2017

Ilona Burdette, KYVL
o: 502.892.3073

Jennie Cole, The Filson Historical Society
o: 502.635.5082 x245

Naulayne Enders, Kentucky Christian University
o: 606.474.3276

Nicole Frilling, Kenton County Public Library
o: 859.578.7946

Edna Fugate, University of Pikeville
o: 606.218.5625

Kari May, KDLA
o: 502.564.8300

Updated 10.30.2017

Maintaining committee rosters

The Leadership Team reviews the composition of each work group, including representatives named by each constituent group, in an effort to ensure that membership is complete and in keeping with each group's formal outline.

In coordinating committee and work group rosters, Leadership Team members serve as liaisons to the constituencies they represent. The KYVL director serves as liaison for nonaffililated academic libraries and special libraries, which do not have direct representation on the Leadership Team.

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