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CONTENTdm sandbox

A digital sandbox is in place in anticipation of the move of KDL to the CONTENTdm platform. The sandbox is available by visiting

Digital collection administrators of interested institutions are encouraged to contact KYVL to request permission to work in the sandbox. An OCLC WorldCat username is required (see below).

Admin user permissions

To request collection administrator permissions for your institution's KDL / CONTENTdm collections, please note the following:

  • CONTENTdm user accounts require a WorldCat username. To create a WorldCat account, visit and click Create an account at the top right. Complete and submit the form.
  • KYVL requires KDL / CONTENTdm institutional administrative users to have KYVL Member Portal accounts. Sign into your member portal account or sign up at
  • Once you have requested a KYVL Member Portal account, complete the KDL Sandbox Admin Login Request form. Your username will be the email address you used to sign up.
  • A separate Add Collection request form must be submitted each time you wish to add an institutional collection. Please do not complete this form until you have received login credentials for the KDL sandbox. For new KDL members, one test collection per institution will be authorized prior to implementation of MOA and standards documents.

KYVL will set up one KDL collections administrator per institution. This administrator will have the ability to add and grant collections-level permissions to other institutional users.

  • Log in at using your WorldCat credentials.
  • Enter user name: Enter WorldCat username of the institutional administrator.
  • Under Collection Rights, select Specify Collections.
  • Assign rights to collections for the associated institution only.
  • Click Add.