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Anticipated KDL cost-sharing

When KDL transitions to CONTENTdm, the costs associated with the Kentucky Digital Library will be shared by the Kentucky Virtual Library and participating institutions. Expected cost sharing is outlined below. Please note that unit storage costs for both content and storage are expected to get cheaper as consortial volume increases.

Service Approximate
unit cost
Frequency Paid by
CONTENTdm annual consortial base fee $8,400 Annual KYVL
Project client (one per institution) $0 Annual KYVL
Institutional metadata and content storage allowance - 10GB $150 Annual KYVL
Each additional 10GB storage - metadata and content (price may decrease with volume) $75 Annual Member institution
Preservation storage - each 10GB (price may decrease with volume) $150 Annual Member institution
OCR extensions (optional) $325 Annual Member institution
DPLA Hub Membership (under consideration; see more at $10,000 Annual TBD
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