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Strategic Planning


1. Provide access to high-quality resources that serve the information needs of Kentuckians.

  1. Evaluate and optimize KYVL core databases.
  2. Explore enhanced offerings for member constituencies.
  3. Evaluate and improve discovery services.

2. Facilitate resource sharing among Kentucky libraries.

  1. Extend availability of courier service to all member public and academic libraries.
  2. Resume active management of Kentucky Digital Library and expand opportunities for participation.


3. Promote a high level of information literacy among Kentuckians.

  1. Develop information literacy resources for all KYVL user communities.
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for training librarians in the use of KYVL resources.


4. Provide competent, friendly, professional staff at appropriate levels.

  1. Develop and implement a schedule of staff training for internal operations and public-facing resources and interfaces.
  2. Review and update written operational procedures.
  3. Adapt staff assignments as needed to meet operational and membership needs.
  4. Assist member libraries' end users who directly contact KYVL.

5. Maintain clear and timely communication with members.

  1. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for member communications.
  2. Develop and implement a strategy for robust reporting of statistics to inform collections and operational decisions and promote transparency.
  3. Improve interaction and feedback mechanisms for librarians and end-users.

6. Provide low-barrier access to KYVL resources and services.

  1. Maintain device-neutral, responsive web presence.
  2. Simplify and improve user authentication.
  3. Optimize infrastructure for internal and external operations.


7. Strengthen and grow the KYVL user community.

  1. Pursue partnerships that further the mission of KYVL.
  2. Maintain a responsive committee structure that reflects member and organizational needs.

8. Increase awareness of KYVL's value to all Kentuckians.

  1. Market KYVL vision and services to current and potential members and partners throughout the Commonwealth.
  2. Identify and pursue synergies with the Council on Postsecondary Education Strategic Agenda.

9. Operate under a financially sustainable model.

  1. Develop and implement an equitable and sustainable funding model for all KYVL services within and among member constituencies and with respect to CPE funding.
  2. Develop enhanced offerings to broaden and enhance value to KYVL membership.
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