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Advocacy and Communication

ALSC Advocacy and Communication Subgroup Tasking

Advocacy and Communication Tasking - DRAFT
  • Develop group goals/timeline
  • Advocacy
    • Outreach to students
    • Develop and implement strategy communicate / celebrate / advocate day to day
    • Provide faculty OER champions to speak to faculty at other institutions
  • Communication
    • Create and maintain a central website (LibGuide) to record and disseminate the work of the steering committee and its subgroups.
    • Work with CPE’s communication team (rep on the committee?)
      • Social Media presence (#AffordableKY)
      • Traditional media presence: Prepare op-ed pieces for local media outlets
    • Plan (CPE) awareness campaign / events (faculty / technology / administrator showcase)
      • Open Access Week, October 25-31
      • Open Education Week, March
      • Conference presentations
        • Convergence (November)
        • [add to list]
    • Promote videos of faculty discussing their experiences with OERs (see Communication Resources)
    • Analyze and create visualizations / reports to demonstrate impact (see Communication Resources)

Revised August 2021

ALSC Advocacy and Communication Subgroup Roster

F21-22 Advocacy and Communication Subgroup Roster - TO BE CONFIRMED

Updated 8.19.2021