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Faculty Support

ALSC Advocacy and Communication Subgroup Tasking

Faculty Support Tasking - DRAFT
  • Develop group goals/timeline
    • Provide support to faculty working on OERs
  • Funding support
    • Cultivate / maintain an awareness of potential grant opportunities / funding tie-ins
    • Identify potential sources of support for initiative projects
    • Prepare grant proposals
    • Prepare reports to funders
    • Research and develop new projects for funding governance structure
    • Create proposal for state-funded faculty incentives program
    • OAR - Open access resources
      • Library-licensed resources, KYVL
      • Canvas Commons
      • FirstSearch Open resources
  • Rewards and recognition
    • Investigate options for faculty reward (P&T, incentives, etc)
    • Plan events and activities targeted at celebrating individual and group accomplishments
    • Assist librarians with campus rewards and recognition activity
    • Create a clearinghouse of reward and recognition programs
  • Platforms, Hosting and Technology
    • What will faculty need?
      • Publishing platform
      • Respository

Revised August 2021

ALSC Faculty Support Subgroup Roster

F21-22 Faculty Support Subgroup Roster

Updated 1.3.2022