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CC-PLUS imports


Admins have the ability to import spreadsheets. PLEASE DO NOT IMPORT without contacting KYVL admin. DO NOT select Full Replacement.

Notes about importing institutions

NOTE: Import Type below refers to the row(s) of Sushi Settings which may, or may not, follow an institution record in the input CSV file.

When "Full Replacement" is chosen, the existing settings for any provider not included in the import file will be deleted! This will also remove all associated harvest and failed-harvest records connected to the settings.

Regardless of the Import Type, the first record in the import file for any institution (based on ID or name) will be used to update the institution's record (columns B through G). These values, including the group assignments in column-F, will replace whatever is currently defined for the given institution. [BLANKS OVERWRITE DATA.]

For these reasons, use caution when using this import function, especially when requesting a Full Replacement import.

Generating an institution export FIRST will provide detailed instructions for importing on the "How to Import" tab and help ensure that the desired end-state is achieved.

The "Add or Update" option will not delete any sushi settings, but will overwrite existing settings whenever a match for an institution-ID and Provider-ID are found in the import file. If no setting for a given Institution-ID and Provider-ID currently exist, the setting will be added.



  • The template above is for reference only. To add to or make changes to existing data, download the Users template at CC-PLUS > Settings > Users.
  • Edit the Users tab on the downloaded spreadsheet to import or update user settings.
    • When performing full-replacement imports, be VERY careful about changing or overwriting existing ID value(s).
    • The best approach is to add to or modify a full export to ensure that existing user IDs are not accidently overwritten.
  • Once edits are complete, save the spreadsheet as a CSV and import it into CC-Plus on the same page from which the template was downloaded.

The table below describes the datatype and order that the import expects.

  • Any Import rows without an ID value in column 'A' will be ignored.
  • If values are missing/invalid for a column, but not required, they will be set to the 'Default'.
  • Any header row or columns beyond 'H' will be ignored.
Col Column Name Data Type Description Required? Unique? Default
A Id Integer CC-PLUS User ID Yes Yes  
B Email String Email address Yes Yes  
C Password String Password (will be encrypted)     NULL - no change
D Name String Full name     NULL
E Phone String Phone number     NULL
F Active String (Y or N) Make the user active?     Y
G Role(s) Comma-separated strings Admin, Manager, User or Viewer (see below)     User
H Institution ID Integer CC-PLUS Institution ID Yes   1 (consortium staff)

User types

Role Who Permissions Examples
*Admin Consortium Staff Add providers, add institutions, run consortial reports, import data KYVL, KCTCS, JCPS
Manager Local systems staff Connect to providers, run local reports  
Viewer Most consortial users? View consortial data  
User View local stats only View local data  

*Admins have the ability to import spreadsheets. PLEASE DO NOT IMPORT without contacting KYVL admin. DO NOT select Full Replacement when importing. See more information below.


Col Column Name Data Type Description Required? Unique? Default
A Id Integer >1 CC-PLUS Provider ID Yes Yes  
B Name String Institution name Yes    
C Active String (Y or N) Make the institution active?     Y
D FTE Integer Institutional FTE     NULL
E Notes Text blob Notes or other details     15


Col Column Name Data Type Description Required? Unique? Default
A Id Integer CC-PLUS Provider ID Yes Yes  
B Name String Provider name Yes    
C Active String (Y or N) Make the provider active?     Y
D Server URL String URL for provider SUSHI service     NULL
E Harvest Day Integer Day of the month reports are ready (1-28)     15
F Max Retries Integer Number of times to re-try failed harvests     10
G Institution ID Integer Institution ID     1 (consortium)
H Master Reports Comma-separated integers List of Master Report IDs (1=TR | 2=DR | 3=PR | 4=IR)     NULL