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Simplified calculation for ACRL Q.45

Your institution's FTE    
Consortial support per FTE (F18-19)   x    $5.7014  
KYVL consortial contribution    TOTAL

Basis for calculation

In the spring of 2019, KYVL and SAALCK librarians conferred on how to provide consistent data regarding the consortial contribution of KYVL in answer to question 45 of the ACRL Academic Library Trends and Statistics Annual Survey (below). By consensus, the following calculation was agreed upon:

For each institution, KYVL consortial contribution equals:

CPE database support*  /  Total KYVL academic FTE  x  Institutional FTE

To assist with this calculation, KYVL has provided the following numbers:

Reporting year CPE database support* Total KYVL academic FTE Consortial support per FTE
F17-18 $1,047,929 192,868 $5.4334
F18-19 $1,104,707 193,762 $5.7014

*CPE database support is calculated by deducting total member database fees from total KYVL database costs. Note that KDLA annual support is not counted with member fees, and can therefore be considered as contributing to CPE database support.


  1. External Contributions from Consortia / Network(s) / System Office

    If the library receives access to e-collections or other e-resources through one or more centrally-funded system or consortial arrangements for which it does not pay fully and/or directly (for example, funding is provided by the state on behalf of all members), enter the amount paid by external bodies on its behalf. If the specific dollar amount is not known, but the total student FTE for the consortium and amount spent for the academic members are known, divide the overall amount spent by the institution’s share of the total student FTE. The consortium or system office may make a value-per-FTE metric available for all members of the consortium.

    Do not include expenses paid through an annual consortium fee. Report those expenses under line 25 “All other operations and maintenance expenses.”

(From Instructions and Definitions,, revised August 2018)

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