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Funding Formula


In F2016-17, the Funding Work Group undertook to develop a new database funding formula characterized by:

  • Clarity and simplicity
  • Equity and impartiality
  • Sustainability.

The formula attempts to apply these principles both within and among member types (academic, K12, public and special libraries).The new formula eliminates usage as a measure for individual members, but seeks to generate member revenues reflecting broad usage across member types.

The resulting formula was approved, and following a straight 5% increase for all members in F17-18, implemented of the new formula began with F18-19 invoicing. The complete implementation timeline follows, subject to the transition rules outlined below.

Implementation timeline
  • F16-17 - Last year of old formula
  • F17-18 - Old formula plus 5 percent
  • F18-19 - 1st year of new formula
  • F19-20 - 2nd year of new formula
  • F20-21 - 3rd year of new formula
  • F21-22 - 4th year of new formula
  • F22-23 - All KYVL members in formula under transition rules
Transition rules

Individual institutional assessments during implementation of the new formula are governed by the following transition rules:

  1. Nobody pays less than under the previous funding formula.
  2. Everyone paying less than the new formula amount reaches new formula as soon as possible, subject to a maximum annual increase of 20 percent, except:
  3. An annual increase of greater than 20 percent is applied when needed for a member institution to reach new formula in a maximum of five years.

A summary of the effects of these transition rules starting in year one of implementation is as follows:

If in comparison with prior year's bill,
increase under new formula is:
Institution pays:
Less than or equal to 0% Same as current bill
More than 0% but less than 20% New formula amount
More than 20% but less than 150% (upon year one implementation) 20% increase annually until new formula is reached
More than 150% (as of year one) Uniform annual percentage increase that will result in being in formula in five years

Funding factors and data sources

Each library type pays a base fee and a cost (or costs) based on population served. Public and academic assessments include a calculation based on collection expenditures. Publicly available data is used whenever possible. Costs estimates are updated each spring and invoices are issued in June, with estimates for the following fiscal year distributed upon payment of annual invoices.

For more details, select a library type below.

Academic libraries
Academic institutions F18-19 data F19-20 data F20-21 data F21-22 data F22-23 data
$2000 base fee $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2,000 $2000
$2.50 per 12-month FTE ($10-$12.50 per FTE for-profits beginning F21/F22) - IPEDS 2015-16 2016-17~ 2016-17 2018-19 2019-20
1% of materials / services expenses - IPEDS ALS 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17~ AL2018 AL2020~

Data source: Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), National Center for Education Statistics

K12 schools
Public school districts F18-19 data F19-20 data F20-21 data F21-22 data F22-23 data
$200 base fee per school A1 school KDE data sets, 2016-17 KDE data sets, 2016-17 SRC data sets, 2017-18 SRC data sets, 2018-19

Data Sets  2020-21

$.75 per student (district headcount) KDE data sets, 2016-17 KDE data sets, 2016-17 SRC data sets, 2017-18 SRC data sets, 2018-19 Data Sets  2020-21

Data source: School Report Card (SRC) data sets | District contact information

Private schools F18-19 data F19-20, F20-21 data F21-22 , F22-23 data
$200 base fee per school Various Ky. Schools Directory, 2017-18 NCES PSS, school websites
$.75 per student Various Ky. Schools Directory, 2017-18 NCES PSS, school websites

Data source: Private School Universe Survey (PSS), National Center for Education Statistics Report

Public libraries
Public libraries F18-19 data F19-20 data F20‑21 data F21-22 data F22-23 data
$1000 base fee $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
$.05 per county population KPLS 2015-16 KPLS 2016-17 KPLS 2017-18 KPLS 2018-19 KPLS 2019-20
1% of collection expenditures total KPLS 2015-16 KPLS 2016-17 KPLS<2017-18 KPLS 2018-19 KPLS 2019-20

Data source: Kentucky Public Library Stats (KPLS)

Special libraries
Hospitals F18-19 data F19-20 data F20-21 data F21-22 and forward
$2000 base fee per campus or location Various AHD, 9.6.18 AHD, 3.20.19 AHD
$5 per staffed bed Ky. Hospital Directory Oct. 2017 
(Licensed beds)
AHD, 9.6.18  AHD, 3.20.19 AHD
$.10 per discharge American Hospital Directory (AHD) AHD, 9.6.18 AHD, 3.20.19 AHD

Data source: American Hospital Directory (AHD)

Data collection notes

Academic libraries
  • Begin at IPEDS > Use the Data > Compare Institutions.
  • Final Release Data (Change): select Use Provisional Release Data to ensure most current data
  • In Institution Name, enter NCES Unit IDs to search IPEDS data for KYVL academic library members:
    NCES Unit IDs (need KyCAD, Summit Christian)

    156189, 156222, 156213, 156231, 247065, 156286, 156295, 157553, 156392, 156356, 156365, 156408, 156417, 446242, 156620, 156648, 156727, 157438, 156745, 156790, 156851, 156860, 156921, 157100, 157058, 157076, 157207, 157216, 157298, 157304, 157331, 484066, 157377, 157386, 157401, 157447, 247940, 461759, 157711, 156338, 157739, 157748, 157757, 157793, 157809, 157818, 157863, 157085, 157289, 157535, 156541, 157483, 157951

  • Copy & Paste; Select; Check all; Continue; Continue
  • Search for variables
    • 12-month full-time equivalent enrollment
      • (Frequently used / Derived variables > 12-month enrollment)
        • Select year(s)
        • Select variable
    • Total materials/services expenditures
      • (Academic Libraries > Characteristics, collections, expenditures and services > Expenditures)
        • Select year(s)
        • Select variable
  • ContinueContinue; (Select report options); Continue
Helpful IPEDS links:
K12 Districts

Begin at KDE Data Sets (from 2020). (Data release timeline here.)


  • Organization Information > District School List
    • Col A - SCHOOL YEAR
    • Col M - SCHOOL TYPE
      • COUNTIFS A1
  • Overview > Students > Enrollment > Student Membership
    • Col A - SCHOOL YEAR
    • Col G - SCHOOL NAME: ---District Total---
    • Col M - GRADE:  All Students
    • Col AK - Total Membership


Public library data

Kentucky Public Library Statistics are generally published between March and May for the preceding fiscal year. Following publication, contact Jay Bank at KDLA to request a spreadsheet containing County, Population and Collection Expenditures Total.

Special library data - hospitals

Hospital data comes from the American Hospital Directory. The Kentucky Hospital Directory may be consulted for additional information.

Spreadsheet notes

Transition Rules Applied column formula (AcTab)


=ROUND(IF([@[F18-19 Formula Total]]<=[@[F17-18 Baseline]],[@[F17-18 Baseline]],IF([@[F18-19 Formula Total]]<=1.2*[@[F17-18 Baseline]],[@[F18-19 Formula Total]],IF([@[F18-19 Formula Total]]>2.5*[@[F17-18 Baseline]],([@[F18-19 Formula Total]]/[@[F17-18 Baseline]])^(1/5)*[@[F117-18 Baseline]],1.2*[@[F17-18 Baseline]]))),0)

F19-20 (Years change automatically when columns are renamed)

=ROUND(IF([@[F19-20 Formula Total]]<=[@[F18-19 Baseline]],[@[F18-19 Baseline]],IF([@[F19-20 Formula Total]]<=1.2*[@[F18-19 Baseline]],[@[F19-20 Formula Total]],IF([@[F19-20 Formula Total]]>2.0736*[@[F18-19 Baseline]],([@[F19-20 Formula Total]]/[@[F18-19 Baseline]])^(1/4)*[@[F18-19 Baseline]],1.2*[@[F18-19 Baseline]]))),0)

F20-21: 1.728, (1/3)
F21-22: 1.44, (1/2)
F22-23: 1.2, (increase)

In Formula column formula (AcTab): CHECK LOGIC

=IF([@[F19-20 Formula % Change]]<0,"F18",IF([@[F19-20 Formula % Change]]<=0.2,"F19",IF([@[F19-20 Formula % Change]]<=0.44,"F20",IF([@[F19-20 Formula % Change]]<=0.728,"F21",IF([@[F19-20 Formula % Change]]<=1.0736,"F22","F23")))))

Summary of formula calculations:
  • If Formula < Baseline: Baseline [already in formula]
  • Else If Formula <= 1.2*Baseline: Formula [in formula with this increase]
  • Else if Formula > max: root [in formula in F22-23]
  • Else: 1.2*Baseline [en route to formula]