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About KYVL Work Groups

About committees and work groups

As a consortium of member libraries, the Kentucky Virtual Library relies on the participation of its members to accomplish its goals, and to provide input and feedback that help guide the course of the consortium. Librarians across Kentucky contribute significantly to the work of KYVL through professional service, and much of the work of KYVL is accomplished through its standing and ad hoc work groups.

Maintaining work group rosters

The Leadership Team reviews the composition of each work group, including representatives named by each constituent group (below), in an effort to ensure that membership is complete and in keeping with each group's formal outline.

In coordinating committee and work group rosters, Leadership Team members serve as liaisons to the constituencies they represent. The KYVL executive director serves as liaison for nonaffililated academic libraries and special libraries, which do not have direct representation on the Leadership Team.

KYVL member constituencies

The makeup of KYVL committees and work groups reflects the library the library types and affiliations of KYVL member libraries, which include academic, public, school and special libraries.

Academic libraries

Most KYVL member academic libraries are affiliated with one of the following:

Nonaffiliated member academic libraries include seminaries, a bible college, and other independent colleges and universities.


Nearly 80 percent of Kentucky's public school students have access to KYVL through more than 100 participating Kentucky public K12 school districts. Private schools may also join KYVL.

Public libraries

Kentucky's 120 counties are served by 119 public libraries and library systems. Almost all are are members of KYVL.

Special libraries

Most participating special libraries participating in KYVL are associated with healthcare. Department of Defense libraries also participate.

State employees

Kentucky state government employees may access KYVL and other resources through the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA). KYVL works closely with KDLA, which is represented on the KYVL Leadership Team and other work groups.

Directions to KYVL

Find us at the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), 100 Airport Rd., Frankfort.
From I-64 use exit 53B.

When you arrive
  • Parking is behind the building.
  • Use the intercom at the rear visitor entrance to request entry.
  • Sign in at the CPE reception desk on the third floor.

Call KYVL reception at 502.892.3313 or CPE reception at 502.573.1555 for further assistance.

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