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Leadership Team


Leadership Team Charge

To work with the executive director in pursuing the vision, fulfilling the mission and promoting the values of the Kentucky Virtual Library through:

  • Ensuring accountability to KYVL’s strategic plan
  • Commissioning, decommissioning and coordinating committees and work groups
  • Representing membership in guiding operations and initiatives of KYVL.

Revised 10.21.2016

About the Leadership Team

The KYVL Leadership Team (LT) serves as principal liaison between member constituencies and the Kentucky Virtual Library, and is so recognized by the KYVL's parent agency, the Council on Postsecondary Education. LT is active in overseeing strategic planning and initiatives; in guiding the work of the funding, collections and other work groups; and in communicating with KYVL membership.

Maintaining Work Group Rosters

The Leadership Team reviews the composition of each work group, including representatives named by each constituent group, in an effort to ensure that membership is complete and in keeping with each group's formal outline.

In coordinating committee and work group rosters, Leadership Team members serve as liaisons to the constituencies they represent. The KYVL executive director serves as liaison for nonaffililated academic libraries and special libraries, which do not have direct representation on the Leadership Team.

Roster and composition

Makeup of Leadership Team

The KYVL Leadership Team consists of six voting members and the KYVL executive director. Voting members must represent or work with current member institutions. LT members serve ex officio or through appointment by the constituencies they represent. Appointed members serve three-year terms that begin July 1.

Leadership Team has two officers, chair and chair elect with recorder duties. Offices rotate according to the schedule below.

Group No. of reps Selecting body Membership requirements
AIKCU 1 AIKCU Library Directors Dean or director
K12 1 (Leadership Team) KDE / K12 librarian or administrator
KCTCS 1 KCTCS Library Directors Dean or director
KDLA 1 State librarian & commissioner  
KYVL executive director 1 ex officio Non-voting
Public libraries 1 KPLA Executive Board Executive director
SAALCK 1 SAALCK Library Directors Dean or director

Affirmed by LT 12.16.2016

Rotation of officersOffices rotate among member groups according to the schedule below. Terms begin July 1.
Term of office (July 1 - June 30) Chair Recorder / Chair elect
F2026-27 K12 SAALCK
F2025-26 KCTCS K12
F2023-24 Publics AIKCU
F2021-22 K12 KDLA
F2020-21 SAALCK K12
F2018-19 Public libraries AIKCU
F2017-18 KCTCS Public libraries
F2014-15 K12 SAALCK
F2013-14 AIKCU K12
F2012-13 Public libraries AIKCU
F2011-12 KCTCS Public libraries
Leadership Team Roster

Updated 4.4.2024

F21-22 roster
Group First Last Email Phone Office Term exp.
AIKCU Naulayne Enders 606.474.3276 Affordable Learning liaison
KDL liaison
K12 James Allen 502.564.3141 Recorder
InfoLit liaison
ex officio
KCTCS Sheree Williams 502.213.2156 Funding liaison 2024
KDLA Beth Milburn 502.564.8325   ex officio
KYVL Ilona Burdette 502.892.3073   ex officio
Publics Laura McWilliams 859.792.3424 Collections liaison 2023
SAALCK David Gregory 606.783.5100 Chair 2022

Updated 8.16.2021

F21-22 roster

James Allen, K12 (ex officio)
Recorder, InfoLit liaison

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)

Naulayne Enders, AIKCU (2023)
Affordable Learning liaison, KDL liaison

David Gregory, SAALCK (2022)

Laura McWilliams, Public libraries (2023)
Collections liaison

Beth Milburn, KDLA (ex officio)

Sheree Williams, KCTCS (2024)
Funding liaison

Updated 8.16.2021