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CCPLUS Phase 2 Pilot

In spring of 2021, KYVL participated with other consortia in Phase 2 of the CC-PLUS pilot.

PALCI pilot participants
KYVL pilot participants
  • Bellarmine
  • JCPS
  • KCTCS System Office
  • KYVL
  • Maysville CTC
  • WKU


CC-PLUS, Consortia Collaborating on a Platform for Library Usage Statistics, is a web-based application able to harvest monthly usage reports in the COUNTER Release 5 format from any vendor or publisher who offers such reports via a SUSHI protocol endpoint. In the CC-PLUS web platform, reports are harvested from the publisher monthly and aggregated into a centralized database, so reports can be combined from multiple vendors if desired.

  • CC-PLUS combines data on users, providers and institutions, which can be added individually in the admin interface or batch uploaded via structured CSV files. Once an institution's specific vendor credentials are configured, it's easy to create a connection and set up monthly harvesting.
  • CC-PLUS allows users to create reports for any combination of institution, provider and date range; reports can be filtered and customized. Custom reports can be saved as a personal views, allowing the user to return to it without having to recreate customizations.
  • CC-PLUS was designed with consortia in mind, but can also be used by individual institutions.
  • The application continues to be tested and improved. Major new features under consideration include visualization of data, creation of an API and integration with other data sources.

The project was made possible through IMLS grant funding beginning in October 2018. In January 2021, KYVL began participating in phase 2 of the ongoing CC-PLUS pilot. Learn more at About CC-PLUS.