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FirstSeach Proposal (DRAFT)

KYVL FirstSearch subscription changes - proposed

Collections Work Group Recommendation

KYVL's FirstSearch / WorldCat Visibility OCLC subscription for F23-24 will cover qualifying member libraries based on institutional cataloging / CatExpress or holdings registration subscription and at a service tier in keeping with demonstrated usage. This includes a FirstSearch / WorldCat Discovery subscription or a WorldCat Visibility subscription or no continuing subscription for libraries as noted below. 

The following guidelines apply regarding selection recommendations.

Subscription selection considerations for KYVL member libraries and institutions with Cataloging / CatExpress / Holdings Registration subscriptions (includes WMS libraries).

  If Yes If No
1. FirstSearch / Discovery searches average 2+ per week YTD? Library qualifies for
FirstSearch subscription
Continue to #2
2. clickouts average 2+ per week YTD?  Library qualifies for
WorldCat Visibility subscription
Library does not qualify for FS / WV subscription through KYVL.
Contact KYVL to request reconsideration through Wednesday, June 21.

To view individual library usage, click the expand button in the table below. If your institution is not in the list, usage is negligible.

(May update; reflects OCLC-provided F23 YTD usage through March 2023.)



Based on usage data shared by OCLC with KYVL and the Collection Work Group’s FirstSearch Team, KYVL has requested a quote that limits access to libraries with demonstrated usage. F23 YTD data through March is now available, and KYVL will request subscription levels as noted in the table below.

  • Some libraries have been quoted for continued access to FirstSearch.
  • Some libraries have been quoted for WorldCat Visibility, a tier of service that does away with FirstSearch precision searching and WorldCat Discovery, but enables visibility in and clickthroughs from catalog records found on the web.

Subscription selection is based on the following criteria.

  • Only KYVL member libraries / institutions qualify for a subscription.
  • Library must have an OCLC cataloging / CatExpress or holdings registration subscription. This includes all WMS libraries.
  • Demonstrated usage  -- searches in FirstSearch / WCD and clickouts -- is also considered.

Libraries may request reconsideration of current placement through June 21, including libraries with a patron ILL form in WS-ILL. Apart from a WS-ILL patron ILL form, a FirstSearch / WCD subscription has no impact on ILL. Patron ILL forms in ILLiad and Tipasa are not affected.

A full review of KYVL’s role in resource sharing in Kentucky is slated for the new year.


  • A FirstSearch subscription is required for searching in FirstSearch or WorldCat Discovery.
  • Until recently, FirstSearch was required to enable visibility of libraries' local holdings in WorldCat Visibility is a new tier of service from OCLC that provides an alternative way to make local holdings visible in WordCat.
  • A FirstSearch OR WorldCat Visibility subscription makes local holdings visible in and with web partners for click-throughs.

OCLC subscriptions and access

Subscriptions required for selected WorldCat services
FirstSearch or WorldCat Visibility Other required subscriptions
FirstSearch interface FirstSearch
Searching in No subscription required
Local instance of WorldCat Discovery
Interlibrary Loan NOT REQUIRED WorldShare ILL / Tipasa / ILLiad

Patron‑initiated ILL in FirstSearch OR WorldCat Discovery

FirstSearch WorldShare ILL
WorldShare Management Services FirstSearch


WorldShare ILL

Web visibility
  • Links to your catalog and detailed information about your library and collections on
  • Visibility of items you hold to people who visit directly or link to it from search engines and nonlibrary websites (i.e. FamilySearch, Google, Google Scholar, Goodreads)
  • Eligibility for direct links to your library catalog from Google Search results (for libraries with current holdings in WorldCat and accurate information in the WorldCat registry)



WorldCat Visibility


(including CatEx, holdings registration)