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Charge and tasking

Collections Work Group Charge

To advise KYVL in evaluating and selecting for consortial purchase core databases that balance the needs of membership within the parameters of sustainable funding and enhanced offerings that add value for specific member constituencies; and

To advise KYVL regarding the reporting of usage statistics to:

  • Demonstrate the value of KYVL to stakeholders and the public
  • Provide members a snapshot of usage
  • Facilitate evaluation of KYVL resources

Revised 1.18.2019

Collections Work Group Tasking, F23-24
  • Conduct a thorough review of and make recommendations concerning KYVL’s role in resource sharing in Kentucky, exploring common good vs. local benefit.
  • Advise KYVL in transitioning to revised selection and presentation of usage statistics, including relative cost and value of KYVL resources to various constituent groups.
  • Conduct biennial review of KYVL Collection Development policy, to include statement / policy regarding reconsideration of materials, consideration of the role of open content.

January 2024

Collections Work Group Tasking, F22-23
  • Evaluate satisfaction with and value of KYVL’s most recently acquired products, TumbleBookLibrary and TeenBookCloud.
  • Evaluate the role and value of FirstSearch for KYVL and KYVL members.
  • Advise KYVL in transitioning to revised selection and presentation of usage statistics.

May 2022

Collections Work Group Tasking, F21-22
  • To survey KYVL members regarding how they direct users to KYVL resources (e.g., or direct links from their own pages)
  • To further review and evaluate FirstSearch and EDS
  • To conduct scheduled biennial review of Collection Development Policy
  • To make recommendations concerning selection and presentation of usage statistics based on available vendor data
  • To continue to explore CCPLUS for gathering and accessing usage statistics

Revised May 2021

Collections Work Group Tasking, F20-21
  • To explore, within sustainable funding models, Tier I priorities identified from responses to the 2020 Collections Survey, including:
    • Newspaper coverage
    • Ebooks
    • Streaming Video
    • TumbleBookLibrary
    • CINAHL upgrade or journal package
  • To review and make recommendations concerning selection and presentation of usage statistics based on available vendor data.
Collections Work Group Tasking, F19-20
  • To evaluate and make recommendations concerning recent KYVL trials
  • To develop a timeline and strategy for a comprehensive evaluation of KYVL core databases and begin the evaluation process once tasks are identified
  • To work with KYVL to explore potential enhanced offerings
  • To review and make recommendations concerning selection and presentation of usage statistics based on available vendor data

Revised 1.18.2019

Roster and composition

Makeup of Collections Work Group

The KYVL Collections work group is a large committee with three representatives from each of several constituency groups. The KYVL executive director serves ex officio. Other members are selected by the organizations they represent and serve staggered three-year terms that begin July 1.

Collections has two officers - a chair and a recorder. The chair is named by Leadership Team to a term beginning July 1. A multi-year commitment may be requested. The recorder is named by the chair.

Group No. of reps Selecting body Membership requirements
AIKCU 3 AIKCU Library Directors  
K12 4 KASL Executive Board (3)
District appointment (1)
District position alternates between JCPS and Fayette County Schools
KCTCS 3 KCTCS Library Directors  
KDLA 1 State librarian & commissioner  
KYVL 1 or more ex officio Executive director, non-voting
Additional staff as appropriate
KYVL Leadership Team 1 KYVL Leadership Team LT liaison is non-voting;
May be a voting member in another role
Public libraries 3 KPLA Executive Board  
SAALCK 3 SAALCK Library Directors One rep position alternates between UK and U of L
2 reps represent the 6 regionals
Nonaffiliated academics 1 KYVL serves as liaison  
Special libraries 1 KYVL serves as liaison  

Revised 12.08.2023

F23-24 Collections Work Group Roster

Updated 9.19.2023

F21-22 roster
Group First Last Email Phone Office Term exp.
AIKCU Carrie Frey 859.238.5275 Chair 2024
AIKCU Crystal Ellis 859.238.5277   2022
AIKCU Kay Alston 270.789.5360   2023
K12 Betsy deGolian 502.893.7625   2024
K12 Sijean Hill 502.241.3500   2022
K12 Emily Northcutt 502.695.6700   2023
K12 designated Karen Pruitt 502.485.3011   2022
KCTCS Carla Redden 606.759.7141 x66190   2024
KCTCS Katie Meyer 270.706.8443   2022
KCTCS Maureen Cropper 859.246.6394   2023
KDLA Beth Milburn 502.564.8325   per appointment
KYVL Ilona Burdette 502.892.3073   ex officio
KYVL Leadership Team Laura McWilliams 270.792.3424 Liaison ex officio
Publics Nicole Frilling 859.578.7946   2024
Publics Katie Justice 859.292.3391   2022
Publics Patty Clark 502.222.9713   2023
SAALCK Claudene Sproles 502.852.6076   2024
SAALCK Jens Arneson 859.622.7551   2022
SAALCK Laura DeLancy 270.745.3979   2023
Other - nonaffiliated academic Jill Sherman 502.992.9397   2023
Other - at large Tony Hopkins 502.287.6240   2024
Other - special libraries Tiffney Gipson 502.852.8530   2022

Updated 8.18.2021

Current roster

Kay Alston, AIKCU (2023)

Jens Arneson, SAALCK (2022)

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)

Patty Clark, Publics (2023)

Maureen Cropper, KCTCS (2023)

Laura DeLancey, SAALCK (2023)

Betsy deGolian, K12 (2021)

Crystal Ellis, AIKCU (2022)

Carrie Frey, chair, AIKCU (2021)

Nicole Frilling, Publics (2024)

Tiffney Gipson, Special libraries (2022)

Sijean Hill, K12 (2022)

Tony Hopkins, At Large (2024)

Katie Justice, Publics (2022)

Laura McWilliams, LT Liaison (ex officio)

Katie Meyer, KCTCS (2022)

Beth Milburn, KDLA (ex officio)

Emily Northcutt, K12 (2023)

Karen Pruitt, K12 designated (2022)

Carla Redden, KCTCS (2021)
606.759.7141 x66190

Jill Sherman, Nonaffiliated Academic (2021)

Claudene Sproles, SAALCK (2024)

Updated 6.28.2021