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Courier Service

Bed bug information

The first known instance of bed bugs in connection with KYVL courier service was reported in November 2018. If your library discovers bed bugs or bed bug residue in courier materials, please contact KYVL at or by calling 844.400.KYVL. Do not destroy KYVL courier bags unless asked to do so by KYVL staff.

KYVL recommends that libraries familiarize themselves with the KDLA Bed Bug Protocol and related resources linked below.

Additional details of the initial report On Saturday, Nov. 17, 2018, a report of bed bugs found in courier bags was shared with the KPLA directors listserv. The situation was reported to KYVL Monday, Nov. 19, and KYVL alerted STAT Courier.
  • The presence of bed bugs came to light during a routine quarterly bedbug inspection when a trained bed bug-sniffing dog alerted on the area of the courier bags.
  • The bags were sprayed by the pest control service with a spray that can be handled after two hours.
  • The bags were later heat-treated in the library's cooker.
  • No live or dead bugs have been seen, suggesting that residue was found and not indications of an active infestation.
  • The contents of the bag in question also passed visual inspection.
KDLA Bed Bug Protocol and related resources

Bed bug stages (image) | Bed Bugs

Claims and other issues

Reporting Claims

Report claims for lost or damaged items by completing the Courier Claim Form. Use of this form requires a KYVL member portal account.

  • Damaged items must be claimed within 48 hours of delivery.
  • Lost items must be claimed within 14 business days after scheduled delivery date. (Under review - please feel free to report claims outside this timeframe.)

Completion of claim form requires:

  • Originating library information
  • Destination library information
  • Pick-up date
  • Package barcode
  • Item description, including title, author, ISBN
  • Claim type (lost or damaged)
    • For damage claims, in addition to completing the form, please email photos of damaged item and condition of shipping container upon delivery to
Review of claims

STAT Courier will review each claim received. Once STAT Courier has determined whether a claim is approved for payment or denied, STAT Courier will notify the library system via email. KYVL should be copied on all correspondence between STAT courier and individual libraries.

If a claim is approved for payment, the actual replacement cost per item will be provided along with the URL substantiating the cost.

Please note:

  • For lost item claims, STAT Courier will be responsible only for items with barcodes showing scanned and accepted by a STAT Courier driver at the time of pickup for which no delivery scan has been captured. STAT Courier is not responsible for individual items declared as lost which were shipped within a zippered canvas bag or other shipping container that has been delivered and a delivery scan has been captured.
  • STAT Courier is not responsible for materials transported outside its delivery network.
Late or missed stops

Report late stops to For missed stops, please complete the Report a missed stop form.

Driver / service issues

Courier drivers should display visible identification, such as a uniform, tag, or badge that clearly identifies the individual as a representative of STAT Courier. STAT Courier performs basic background checks on all of its driers. If you experience driver-related issues, please report these to KYVL.

COVID-19 courier updates

Courier service resumed beginning July 13, 2020, after service was suspended March 31. As of September 8, 2020, most libraries are once again participating.

Precautions in handling materials

During the COVID-19 pandemic, libraries are encouraged to take extra precautions in the handling of library materials. Measures in place at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives include:

  • Disinfecting incoming materials, including courier bags and totes
  • Quarantining materials before recirculating
  • Rotating courier bags
On June 22, 2020, the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) announced that "research shows virus undetectable on five highly circulated library materials after three days." Learn more here.
Report closed dates

Use the form below to report closures and other changes affecting courier service.

  • Special instructions for drivers regarding access or delivery should be entered in the form's notes field.
  • Completion of this form requires an account in the KYVL Member Portal.

For assistance, please contact KYVL at or 844.400.KYVL.

Tracking a package

A day in the life of a courier package
  • STAT Courier drivers begin each day with a trip to the nearest sorting hub - Lexington for N, E and S routes and Leitchfield for W routes - to collect items for delivery on that day's routes.
  • At each library stop, drivers scan packages for pickup and delivery.
  • At the end of each daily route, the day's items are delivered to the appropriate hub.
  • Items are transported overnight between hubs as needed.
  • Items at each hub are sorted for delivery.
  • Items are not scanned at either hubs on arrival or departure.
  • Drivers retrieve sorted items at the start of each day for delivery for that day's routes.

Although it is not possible to locate items in between pickup and delivery scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status. To check a barcode for delivery status, follow the steps below.

Tracking by barcode

User ID#: kyvlusers
Password: Cour135!

  • Click the Tracking tab (next to Main).
  • Leave all the fields as is except:
    • Remove (delete info from) (Order Submitted Date) From and (Order Submitted Date) To.
    • Enter search dates in (Pickup Date) From and (Pickup Date) To fields.
  • At the lower left, click Show Advanced Options (orange text)
  • In Wild Card Field, select Pkg Ref#1 [Barcode].
  • In Wild Card Value, enter the barcode of the bag or item you would like to track.
  • Click Show Results. The results list will show each time the barcode has been scanned during the date range entered.
    • Both pickup and delivery scans appear under Pickup Date and Pickup Company.


  • Columns can be selected near top of page under Choose Display, and can be rearranged. Key columns are:
    • Pickup Date
    • Pickup Company (library OCLC symbol and name)
    • RefNo (Sort code)
    • Packages
  • Click the three vertical dots to sort.
  • For easier examination, export to Excel.
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