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Packaging and shipping

New online pickup form

  • The new online pickup form is live! Please note that developers are continuing to make minor changes.
  • Have fun testing out the form, but please DELETE TEST ORDERS, as courier statistics are generated from these forms.
  • Below are a few tips for success. If you have questions, please contact KYVL.
  • 844.400.KYVL
Courier Order
Build Order
  • From Library:
    • Your library information appears here.
  • Pickup date
    • Current date will be selected when you open the form.
    • Click in the date box to open date picker.
    • There is one pickup date per form. If you need to add items with a different date, you will need to build a new form. 
  • Select Library
    • Click into the search box and type OCLC code or library name.
    • Select library from the options shown.
    • Date, if it appears between OCLC code and library name, reflects week service will resume for that library. Please plan your shipments accordingly.
    • After adding an item, be sure to clear the search box to select a new library or, after adding an item, click into the dropdown box to view the matching selections.
  • Barcode
    • Required!
    • This is the barcode on the green courier bag, KDLA suitcase or other container.
    • Barcode must be unique within a given form.
  • # Lending
    • Required!
    • These are items your library is lending another library.
    • Enter item count or "0".
  • # Returning
    • Required!
    • These are items your library has borrowed from another library and is returning.
    • Enter item count or "0".
  • OCLC ILL number
    • Optional.
  • Add Item
    • Data you have just entered will be dropped into the "Items for Shipment" list, below.
    • If item does not add and / or other items disappear, look for an error message or refresh the page.
Items for Shipment
  • Items generated in the upper box appear here.
  • Upon login, items on next upcoming order will appear here.
  • If you click "Add Item" and other items disappear, go back and look for error messages. When they are corrected and Add Item is clicked again, they should reappear. You may also refresh the page to view items already added.
  • Individual items may be deleted, but not edited.
  • Shipping labels and pickup form are printed from the bottom of the Courier Order tab.
  • When you click either print button, a PDF will be downloaded to your computer.
  • Formatting of both labels and forms is under development.
Completed Forms

This page contains a historic list of courier forms created by your institution.

  • Search by OCLC symbol, library name, sort code or complete date using MM/DD/YYYY format.
  • Select column will contain a magnifying glass or edit icon.
  • Clicking either icon will take you back to the Courier Order page.
  • If necessary, it is possible to edit items within the last 30 days.


Shipping and supplies

Packaging requirements

Items transported via KYVL courier service must be properly packaged and labeled. Most items are shipped in zippered flat 14" x 18" Rifkin nylon bags. These reusable bags are provided by KYVL and distributed by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives for courier service use. Multiple items may be shipped to a single site in a single bag as long as the bag can be zipped without strain on the seams of the bag.

Cartons, boxes, bins, tubs, rolling luggage, and other types of containers are also used to transport items.

Individual shipping containers are limited to 70 pounds and 130 inches in overall girth.

Please collect your shipments in a gray plastic tote. In most cases, the driver will exchange a tote containing your deliveries with a tote containing your outbound items.

  • Green courier bags are provided by KYVL and distributed by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
  • Vinyl barcodes used on KYVL courier bags are supplied by KYVL. Contact if you need a supply to replace damaged or unreadable barcodes on bags currently in circulation.
  • Gray plastic stackable totes, labeled for KYVL Courier Service, are provided to facilitate preparation and transport of each shipment. Courier drivers exchange totes at each location as they make their pickups and deliveries.
  • Libraries are responsible for maintaining a supply of Secur-a-ties and #8 shipping tags required for shipment.
What can be shipped?

KYVL courier service is used for exchanging library and instructional materials among participating libraries. Items that may be shipped:

  • Books, audiobooks, articles, and other items for interlibrary loan.
  • KDLA book discussion kits and thematic programming kits.
  • KDLA Circulating Audiobook Collections.
  • KDLA Circulating Large Print Collections may ship subject to available capacity and the following conditions:
    • All the usual packaging and labeling requirements apply.
    • In order to avoid interfering with transport of more time-sensitive items, these collections ship with lower priority than other transported items, and may, at the driver's discretion, be left until a subsequent service day or divided into smaller shipments.

Courier service may not be used to ship equipment, furniture, or other items that are not library or instructional materials. If you have a question about the eligibility of an item or items for shipment, please contact KYVL.

Where is my package?

At the end of their daily route, drivers deliver items in transit to STAT Courier's nearest hubs for sorting and overnight line haul, if needed. Drivers retrieve sorted items at the start of the next business day.

Tracking by barcode

Items are scanned by the driver when they are picked up and again when they are delivered. They are not scanned at sorting facilities, however, and while is not possible to locate items in between these scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status.

To track a package by barcode, follow the steps below.

User ID#: kyvlusers
Password: Cour135!

  • Click the Tracking tab (next to Main).
  • Leave all the fields as is except:
    • Remove (delete info from) (Order Submitted Date) From and (Order Submitted Date) To.
    • Enter search dates in (Pickup Date) From and (Pickup Date) To fields.
  • At the lower left, click Show Advanced Options (orange text)
  • In Wild Card Field, select Pkg Ref#1 [Barcode].
  • In Wild Card Value, enter the barcode of the bag or item you would like to track.
  • Click Show Results. The results list will show each time the barcode has been scanned during the date range entered.
    • Both pickup and delivery scans appear under Pickup Date and Pickup Company.


  • Columns can be selected near top of page under Choose Display, and can be rearranged. Key columns are:
    • Pickup Date
    • Pickup Company (library OCLC symbol and name)
    • RefNo (Sort code)
    • Packages
  • Click the three vertical dots to sort.
  • For easier examination, export to Excel.

Tracking a package

A day in the life of a courier package
  • STAT Courier drivers begin each day with a trip to the nearest sorting hub - Lexington for N, E and S routes and Leitchfield for W routes - to collect items for delivery on that day's routes.
  • At each library stop, drivers scan packages for pickup and delivery.
  • At the end of each daily route, the day's items are delivered to the appropriate hub.
  • Items are transported overnight between hubs as needed.
  • Items at each hub are sorted for delivery.
  • Items are not scanned at either hubs on arrival or departure.
  • Drivers retrieve sorted items at the start of each day for delivery for that day's routes.

Although it is not possible to locate items in between pickup and delivery scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status. To check a barcode for delivery status, follow the steps below.