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Courier Service

Pickup form and labeling

Complete the online pickup form when preparing courier shipments.

  • Complete the form for each shipment.
  • Click "Next" to print shipping labels before and optional pickup form logging out or starting a new form. It is not currently possible to save a form for future editing.
  • For best results, switch to landscape mode for label and form printing.
  • Labels are designed to print with both a destination and return sort code. The label can be wrapped lengthwise around a standard shipping tag. To avoid delivery errors, make sure only the destination library's sort code is visible.
Courier sort codes

Find sort codes for participating libraries

Library Sort code
BGP / Warren County Public Library W-304
K#N / Gateway Community and Technical College N-108
K@B / Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College W-302
KAG / Brescia University W-208
KAT / Asbury Theological Seminary S-115
KB2 / Boyd County Public Library E-206
KB3 / Ridgway Memorial Library N-311
KB4 / Butler County Public Library W-301
KB5 / Calloway County Public Library W-104
KB6 / Carroll County Public Library N-202
KB7 / Casey County Public Library S-103
KB8 / Clark County Public Library E-100
KB9 / Corbin Public Library S-309
KBC / Bellarmine University N-404
KBE / Berea College S-211
KC7 / Middlesboro-Bell County Public Library S-305
KCC / Centre College S-202
KCE / Kenton County Public Library N-103
KD1 / Adair County Public Library S-109
KD5 / Allen County Public Library W-310
KD6 / Anderson County Public Library N-504
KD8 / Bath County Memorial Library E-210
KE2 / Crittenden County Public Library W-113
KE3 / Cumberland County Public Library S-117
KE4 / Cynthiana-Harrison County Public Library N-100
KE5 / Edmonson County Public Library W-305
KE6 / Estill County Public Library S-301
KE7 / Fleming County Public Library E-305
KE9 / Fulton County Public Library W-108
KEC / Elizabethtown Community and Technical College - Main Campus N-406
KEU / Eastern Kentucky University S-212
KF2 / Gallatin County Public Library N-201
KF3 / Garrard County Public Library S-101
KF4 / Goodnight Memorial Library W-311
KF5 / Grant County Public Library N-109
KF6 / Graves County Public Library W-107
KF7 / Grayson County Public Library W-701
KF8 / Greenup County Public Library - Main Branch E-204
KF8MCK: use KFM / Greenup County Public Library - McKell Branch: Deliveries to Main Branch E-204
KF9 / Hancock County Public Library W-204
KFJ / Hazard Community and Technical College - Lees Campus S-400
KFM (temporary for KF8MCK) / Greenup County Public Library - McKell Branch: Deliveries to Main Branch E-204
KG2 / Hardin County Public Library N-405
KG3 / Harlan County Public Library S-406
KG4 / Hart County Public Library W-306
KG5 / Lincoln County S-204
KG6 / Henderson County Public Library W-209
KG7 / Henry County Public Library N-205
KG9 / Jackson County Public Library S-302
KGG / Georgetown College Library N-207
KH4 / Johnson County Public Library E-103
KH5 / Morgan County Public Library E-102
KH6 / Nicholas County Public Library E-301
KH8 / Knox County Public Library S-308
KH9 / Larue County Public Library N-407
KHH / Hopkinsville Community College W-102
KHN / Northern Kentucky University N-105
KI2 / Laurel County Public Library S-209
KI3 / Lawrence County Public Library E-207
KI4 / Lee County Public Library S-410
KI5 / Leslie County Public Library S-408
KI6 / Letcher County Public Library S-405
KI7 / Lewis County Public Library E-306
KI9 / Logan County Public Library W-312
KJ2 / Lyon County Public Library W-114
KJ3 / Madison County Public Library S-213
KJ4 / Magoffin County Public Library E-108
KJ5 / Mahan-Oldham County Public Library: Deliveries to Oldham County Public Library N-204
KJ6 / Marion County Public Library S-112
KJ7 / Marshall County Public Library W-106
KJ8 / Martin County Public Library E-104
KJ9 / Mary Wood Weldon Memorial Library W-307
KJC / Jefferson Community and Technical College - Downtown N-305
KJCW: use KJD / Jefferson Community and Technical College - Downtown N-309
KJD (temporary for KJCW) / Jefferson Community and Technical College - Southwest N-309
KK2 / Mason County Public Library E-304
KK3 / McCreary County Public Library S-214
KK4 / Menifee County Public Library E-101
KK5 / Mercer County Public Library S-114
KK6 / Metcalfe County Public Library W-308
KK7 / Mt. Sterling-Montgomery County Public Library E-202
KK8 / Muhlenberg County Public Libraries W-400
KK9 / Nelson County Public Library N-408
KL2 / Ohio County Public Library W-202
KL3 / Oldham County Public Library N-204
KL4 / Owen County Public Library N-206
KL5 / Owsley County Public Library S-409
KL6 / McCracken County Public Library W-111
KL7 / Paris-Bourbon County Public Library E-300
KL8 / Paul Sawyier Public Library N-501
KL9 / Pendleton County Public Library N-102
KLD / Spalding University N-306
KLG / University of Louisville N-308
KLI / University of Louisville Law Library: Deliveries to Ekstrom N-308
KLM / University of Louisville Music Library: Deliveries to Ekstrom N-308
KLP / Louisville Free Public N-307
KM3 / Perry County Public Library S-401
KM4 / Pike County Public Library - Lee Avenue Branch E-106
KM6 / Powell County Public Library E-110
KM7 / Pulaski County Public Library S-104
KM8 / Rebecca Caudill Public Library: Deliveries to Harlan County Public Library S-406
KML / Midway University N-403
KMM / Morehead State University E-208
KMS / Murray State University W-105
KN2 / Robertson County Public Library E-302
KN3 / Rockcastle County Public Library S-210
KN4 / Rowan County Public Library E-209
KN5 / Scott County Public Library N-208
KN6 / Shelby County Public Library N-301
KN7 / South Oldham Library: Deliveries to Oldham County Public Library N-204
KN8 / Spencer County Public Library N-312
KN9 / Todd County Public Library W-313
KNE / University of Kentucky College of Law  
KNV / Western Kentucky University W-303
KO9 / Clinton County Public Library S-107
KOC / Kentucky Wesleyan College W-206
KOD / Daviess County Public Library W-207
KOW / Owensboro Community and Technical College - Main Campus W-205
KP2 / Trimble County Public Library N-203
KP3 / Union County Public Library W-211
KP4 / William B. Harlan Memorial Library W-309
KP5 / Washington County Public Library S-113
KP6 / Wayne County Public Library S-106
KP7 / Webster County Public Library W-212
KP8 / Whitley County Public Library S-207
KP9 / Jessamine County S-100
KPA / Alice Lloyd College S-404
KPC / West Kentucky Community and Technical College W-110
KPS / Louisville Presbyterian Seminary N-304
KPV / University of Pikeville E-107
KPY / Kentucky Christian University E-203
KQ2 / Wolfe County Public Library E-109
KQ3 / Woodford County N-300
KSL / Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives (KDLA) N-200
KTC / Somerset Community College - Somerset S-205
KTM / Thomas More College N-106
KTS / The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary N-409
KTU / Transylvania University N-402
KUA / Ashland Community and Technical College - College Drive Campus E-205
KUC / Union College S-307
KUH / Henderson Community College - Main Campus W-210
KUK / University of Kentucky N-400
KUP / Big Sandy Community and Technical College - Prestonsburg Campus E-105
KUR (temporary for KUS-MB) / Southeast Kentucky Community College - Middlesboro Campus S-306
KUS / Southeast Kentucky Community College - Cumberland Campus Not participating
KUS-MB: use KUR / Southeast Kentucky Community College - Middlesboro Campus S-306
KUT / Bluegrass Community and Technical College - Cooper Campus E-211
KUY / Maysville Community and Technical College - Maysville Campus E-303
KUZ / Hazard Community and Technical College - Hazard Campus S-402
KW3 / Breckinridge County Public Library W-203
KW5 / Russell County Public Library S-108
KWW / Asbury University S-116
KX4 / Hopkinsville-Christian County Public Library W-101
KX8 / Bracken County Public Library N-101
KY2 / Clay County Public Library S-303
KY4 / George Coon Public Library W-115
KY5 / Hopkins Co-Madisonville Public Library W-214
KY6 / Meade County Public Library N-310
KY8 / Taylor County Public Library S-111
KY9 / John L. Street Library W-103
KYB / Boone County Public Library N-107
KYC / Campbell County Public Library N-104
KYD / Boyle County Public Library S-102
KYL / Lexington Public Library N-500
KYLIV: use LCP / Livingston County Public Library W-112
KYM / Madisonville Community College W-213
KYS / Kentucky State University N-503
KYT (temporary for KYSCK) / Simmons College of Kentucky N-313
KYV / Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) N-502
LCP (temporary for KYLIV) / Livingston County Public Library W-112
LWC / Lindsey Wilson College S-110
MCL (temporary for MCLKY) / McLean County Public Library W-201
MCLKY: use MCL / McLean County Public Library W-201
PV4 / Pineville Public Library S-304
SCU / Summit Christian University W-116
Non-standard codes in use

The current version of the courier form is able to accept only three-letter codes. For this reason, the following codes are currently in use for courier form purposes only.

  • KFM (for KF8MCK) / Greenup County Public Library - McKell Branch: Deliveries to Main Branch
  • KJD (for KJCW) / Jefferson Community and Technical College - Southwest
  • KUR (for KUS-MB) / Southeast Kentucky Community College - Middlesboro
  • KYT (for KYSCK) / Simmons College of Kentucky 
  • LCP (for KYLIV) / Livingston County Public Library
  • MCL (for MCLKY) / McLean County Public Library

Return to use of established codes will be incorporated into a future revision to the courier form. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Labels and printing

See sample labels below.

  • Courier packages are labeled and sorted for delivery using a unique code assigned to each institution. Institutional sort codes are automatically assigned when completing the courier form.
  • Labels also feature the name of the sending and receiving library.
  • Labels may be reversed for return shipments. However, bag barcode will not appear.
  • Labels should be printed in landscape mode to better fit in the plastic windows on courier bags.
  • Insert labels such that they are not covered by vinyl barcodes affixed to windows on courier bags.
  • Most printing issues can be resolved by using your browser's print preview function and adjusting settings.

Shipping and supplies

Packaging requirements

Items transported via KYVL courier service must be properly packaged and labeled. Most items are shipped in zippered flat 14" x 18" Rifkin nylon bags. These reusable bags are provided by KYVL and distributed by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives for courier service use. Multiple items may be shipped to a single site in a single bag as long as the bag can be zipped without strain on the seams of the bag.

Cartons, boxes, bins, tubs, rolling luggage, and other types of containers are also used to transport items.

Individual shipping containers are limited to 70 pounds and 130 inches in overall girth.

Please collect your shipments in a gray plastic tote. In most cases, the driver will exchange a tote containing your deliveries with a tote containing your outbound items.

  • Green courier bags are provided by KYVL and distributed by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.
  • Vinyl barcodes used on KYVL courier bags are supplied by KYVL. Contact if you need a supply to replace damaged or unreadable barcodes on bags currently in circulation.
  • Gray plastic stackable totes, labeled for KYVL Courier Service, are provided to facilitate preparation and transport of each shipment. Courier drivers exchange totes at each location as they make their pickups and deliveries.
  • Libraries are responsible for maintaining a supply of Secur-a-ties and #8 shipping tags required for shipment. View these items at
What can be shipped?

KYVL courier service is used for exchanging library and instructional materials among participating libraries. Items that may be shipped:

  • Books, audiobooks, articles, and other items for interlibrary loan.
  • KDLA book discussion kits and thematic programming kits.
  • KDLA Circulating Audiobook Collections.
  • KDLA Circulating Large Print Collections may ship subject to available capacity and the following conditions:
    • All the usual packaging and labeling requirements apply.
    • In order to avoid interfering with transport of more time-sensitive items, these collections ship with lower priority than other transported items, and may, at the driver's discretion, be left until a subsequent service day or divided into smaller shipments.

Courier service may not be used to ship equipment, furniture, or other items that are not library or instructional materials. If you have a question about the eligibility of an item or items for shipment, please contact KYVL.

Where is my package?

At the end of their daily route, drivers deliver items in transit to STAT Courier's nearest hubs for sorting and overnight line haul, if needed. Drivers retrieve sorted items at the start of the next business day.

Tracking by barcode

Items are scanned by the driver when they are picked up and again when they are delivered. They are not scanned at sorting facilities, however, and while is not possible to locate items in between these scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status.

To track a package by barcode, follow the steps below.

User ID#: kyvlusers
Password: Cour135!

  • Click the Tracking tab (next to Main).
  • Leave all the fields as is except:
    • Remove (delete info from) (Order Submitted Date) From and (Order Submitted Date) To.
    • Enter search dates in (Pickup Date) From and (Pickup Date) To fields.
  • At the lower left, click Show Advanced Options (orange text)
  • In Wild Card Field, select Pkg Ref#1 [Barcode].
  • In Wild Card Value, enter the barcode of the bag or item you would like to track.
  • Click Show Results. The results list will show each time the barcode has been scanned during the date range entered.
    • Both pickup and delivery scans appear under Pickup Date and Pickup Company.


  • Columns can be selected near top of page under Choose Display, and can be rearranged. Key columns are:
    • Pickup Date
    • Pickup Company (library OCLC symbol and name)
    • RefNo (Sort code)
    • Packages
  • Click the three vertical dots to sort.
  • For easier examination, export to Excel.
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