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Routes and Schedules

Library closures

Please report all library closures affecting courier stops. It is not necessary to report closures that coincide with official state holidays.

Kentucky state holidays - no courier service
  • January - Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday (celebrated)
  • March / April - Good Friday
  • May - Memorial Day
  • July - Independence Day
  • September - Labor Day
  • November - Election Day - presidential elections only (Courier will run)
  • November - Veterans Day
  • November - Thanksgiving Holiday (Thursday and Friday)
  • December - Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
  • December / January - New Year's Eve and New Year's Day

For specific dates, please view these Kentucky state holidays.

Tracking a package

A day in the life of a courier package
  • STAT Courier drivers begin each day with a trip to the nearest sorting hub - Lexington for N, E and S routes and Leitchfield for W routes - to collect items for delivery on that day's routes.
  • At each library stop, drivers scan packages for pickup and delivery.
  • At the end of each daily route, the day's items are delivered to the appropriate hub.
  • Items are transported overnight between hubs as needed.
  • Items at each hub are sorted for delivery.
  • Items are not scanned at either hubs on arrival or departure.
  • Drivers retrieve sorted items at the start of each day for delivery for that day's routes.

Although it is not possible to locate items in between pickup and delivery scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status. To check a barcode for delivery status, follow the steps below.

Courier Schedule

Recent Updates

Updated routes -- July 1, 2024

  • Welcome, Green County Public Library!
  • Welcome back, Union County Public Library!

Courier stop best practices

Have a designated pick-up location

Libraries are asked to designate a delivery / pickup location for courier items. The driver will pick up the bags that are left in the designated area and drop off what he or she has to deliver.

If your library does not have a designated area, here are some of the benefits:

  • Drivers will not have to come to staff to ask if they have anything. This does not take staff away from what they are currently doing and is more efficient for drivers.
  • ILL staff does not need to be present.
  • Less interaction during social distancing.
  • Signatures are not required.
No outgoing items? Do not call driver!

If you have no outgoing materials, please DO NOT CALL your driver to cancel your stop. While it can seem like a good idea to save time, money, etc., drivers are required to make every stop. Skipping stops cuts corners on KYVL's contract with STAT Courier and can lead to unpredictable arrival times for other libraries along the route.

If you would like to let a driver know that you have no outgoing items, please post a notice like the ones below where a driver can see it from outside the library.