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Items transported via KYVL courier service must be properly packaged and labeled. Most items are shipped in zippered flat 14" x 18" Rifkin nylon bags. These reusable bags are distributed by KYVL for courier service use. Multiple items may be shipped to a single site in a single bag as long as the bag can be zipped without strain on the seams of the bag.

Cartons, boxes, bins, tubs, rolling luggage, and other types of containers are also used to transport items.

Individual shipping containers are limited to 70 pounds and 130 inches in overall girth, and must be labeled as described under Shipping.


  • Green courier bags are provided by KYVL. Contact KYVL to request extra bags. You may also return surplus bags to KYVL via the courier.
  • Vinyl barcodes used on KYVL courier bags are also supplied by KYVL. Contact if you need a supply to replace damaged or unreadable barcodes on bags currently in circulation.
  • Gray plastic stackable totes, labeled for KYVL Courier Service, are provided to facilitate preparation and transport of each shipment. Courier drivers exchange totes at each location as they make their pickups and deliveries.
  • Libraries are responsible for maintaining a supply of Secur-a-ties and #8 shipping tags required for shipment. View these items at

Courier totes

Courier totes are a new feature of the courier service. Please collect your shipments in a gray plastic tote. In most cases, the driver will exchange a tote containing your deliveries with a tote containing your outbound items.

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