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Sorting hubs and delivery times

Each weekday following servicing of library locations, items in transit are delivered to one of Stat Courier's regional hubs for sorting. Items with W- sort codes are delivered to the Central City hub. Items with E-, N- and S- sort codes are delivered to the Lexington hub. Items at each hub are sorted for delivery the next service day, while items that need to travel between the hubs are transported after hours for sorting the following day.

Stat Courier is developing timetable of expected transit times among participating libraries.

Scanning and tracking

Items are scanned by the driver when they are picked up and again when they are delivered. They are not scanned at sorting facilities, however, and while is not possible to locate items in between these scans, it is possible to check bag barcodes for delivery status.

To track a package by barcode, follow the steps below.

User ID#: kyvlusers
Password: Initial password for all libraries is Cour135!

  • Click the Tracking tab (next to Main).
  • Leave all the fields as is except (Order Date) From and (Order Date) To.
    • Enter ship date (Order Date) To field.
    • (Order Date) From defaults to current date and should remain unchanged.
  • At the lower left, click Show Advanced Options (orange text)
  • In Wild Card Field, type P, and select Pkg Ref#1 [Barcode].
  • In Wild Card Value, enter the barcode of the bag or item you would like to track.
  • Click Show Results. The results list will show each time the barcode has been scanned during the date range entered.
  • Columns can be selected near top of page under Choose Display, and can be rearranged. Key columns are:
    • Pickup Date
    • Pickup Company (library OCLC symbol and name)
    • RefNo (Sort code)
    • Packages
  • Click the three vertical dots next to Pickup Date to sort (broken sorting functionality has been reported.)
  • For easier examination, export to Excel.
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