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How to participate

The KDL Work Group is open to a representative of every institution participating in the Kentucky Digital Library. Institutions that are considering participation may also appoint a representative. The work group will be chaired by Nicole Frilling of Kenton County Public Library.

The inaugural meeting of the newly reconstituted work group is set for Friday, January 19, from 11 am – 1 pm ET / 10 am to noon CT, at the Council on Postsecondary Education in Frankfort, Conference Room B, with the option to attend electronically by Zoom. Items to be considered include:

  • Formation of technical and metadata standards subcommittee (Edna Fugate, UPike, chair)
  • Formation of MOA subcommittee (chair to be named)
  • KDL sandbox transition to live site
  • Ongoing (monthly) meeting schedule.

If you have questions or require additional meeting details, please email or call KYVL at 844.400.5985.

KDL Work Group charge

To advise KYVL in facilitating digital access by KYVL audiences to Kentucky materials housed throughout the Commonwealth.

Revised 7.28.2017

Roster of current members

Institution First Last Email Phone Office
Filson Historical Society Jennie Cole o: 502.635.5082 x245  
Kenton County Public Library Nicole Frilling o: 859.578.7946 Chair
Kentucky Christian University Naulayne Enders o: 606.474.3276 LT liaison
KDLA Kari May o: 502.564.8300  
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073  
University of Pikeville Edna Fugate o: 606.218.5625  

Updated 10.30.2017

Ilona Burdette, KYVL
o: 502.892.3073

Jennie Cole, The Filson Historical Society
o: 502.635.5082 x245

Naulayne Enders, Kentucky Christian University
o: 606.474.3276

Nicole Frilling, Kenton County Public Library
o: 859.578.7946

Edna Fugate, University of Pikeville
o: 606.218.5625

Kari May, KDLA
o: 502.564.8300

Updated 10.30.2017

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