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Committees and Work Groups

Charge and tasking

Funding Work Group Charge

The charge of the Funding Work Group is to advise the KYVL executive director and Leadership Team in sustainable funding models for all participatory consortial initiatives.

Revised 5.14.2019

Funding Work Group Tasking, F19-22

The tasking of the Funding Work Group is to:

  • Review and recommend annual costs estimates in a timely fashion to facilitate member budgeting.
  • Review data sources and funding factors and recommend adjustments as needed.
  • Monitor implementation of formula and recommend adjustments as needed.

Approved 9.24.2019

Funding Work Group Tasking, F18-19

The tasking of the Funding Work Group is to:

  • Bring forward formula costs to members for FY19-20 in Fall 2018.
  • Review data sources for some member types.
  • Continue to monitor implementation of formula in light of budget uncertainties and if need be recommend adjustments.
  • Possibly further develop K-12 and/or Special formulas.

Approved 5.18.2018

Roster and composition

Makeup of Funding Work Group

The KYVL Funding work group consists of seven voting members, the Leadership Team liaison, and the KYVL executive director.

Voting members must represent or work with current member institutions. Funding members serve ex officio or by appointment of the constituencies they represent. Appointed members serve until a replacement is named by the group they represent.

The chair is named by the KYVL Leadership Team.

Group No. of reps Selecting body Membership requirements
AIKCU 1 AIKCU Library Directors  
K12 1 KASL Executive Board  
KCTCS 1 KCTCS Library Directors  
KDLA 1 ex officio State librarian & commissioner
KYVL 1 ex officio Executive director, non-voting
Public Libraries 1 KPLA Executive Board  
SAALCK 1 SAALCK Library Directors  
Special libraries 1 Directors of member libraries  

Affirmed by LT 12.16.2016

F23-24 Funding Work Group Roster

Updated 9.19.2023

Current roster
Representing First Last Email Phone Office
AIKCU John Stemmer 502.272.8140 Chair
K12 Donna Morris 859.314.4275  
KCTCS Pam Klinepeter 606.326.2254  
KDLA Terry Manuel 502.564.1730  
KYVL Ilona Burdette 502.892.3073  
KYVL Leadership Team Sheree Williams 502.213.2156 LT liaison
Public libraries Christina Cornelison 859.623.6704  
SAALCK Cris Ferguson 270.809.5607  
Special libraries Jessica Petrey 502.852.5641  

Updated 4.20.2021

Current roster

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)

Cris Ferguson, SAALCK

Pam Klinepeter, KCTCS

Terry Manuel, KDLA (ex officio)

Christina Cornelison, Public libraries

Donna Morris, K12

Jessica Petrey, Special libraries

John Stemmer, AIKCU, Chair

Sheree Williams, LT liaison

Updated 4.20.2021

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