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Accessing KYVL

Who has access?

Access to KYVL resources is provided through participating Kentucky libraries, which include Kentucky schools, public libraries, college and universities, and others. Visit your participating library to use KYVL resources on site, or ask a member of the library staff for a KYVL username and password to use KYVL resources from home and elsewhere.

To see if your library is a member, see Participating Libraries or visit

Where can I access KYVL?

KYVL databases are online resources. You can access them anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

When you use a computer or wireless connection at most participating schools or libraries, no login will be requried. Off campus or outside the library, you will need a KYVL username and password.

How do I get a password?

If you have an email address issued by your participating school, college, university or government agency, you may request a password by email using KYVL's password request form at, or you may ask a librarian at your participating library. View member libraries at

Please note that KYVL usernames and passwords cannot be sent to an unverifiable email address and KYVL staff cannot give out login information to unverified users over the phone.

Most institutions of higher education in Kentucky link to KYVL databases through their library web pages, allowing students, faculty and staff to log in off campus using institutional login credentials.

To access KYVL resources from, obtain login credentials at using your college email address.

Students and teachers in most member schools and districts may request a username and password at using your school email address. Username and password can also be requested from your library media specialist. Login credentials can be used all year long, including over summer break. 

Students in districts that do not participate may register as borrowers with their participating public library to obtain KYVL login credentials for use outside of school hours. Access to KYVL resources is not available on school networks for non-member districts.

In many communities, school districts and public libraries both pay KYVL membership fees. This cost sharing is necessary to keep KYVL affordable for all members. If K12 districts do not elect to participate, their students do not have access to their public library's KYVL resources on school networks.

Contact your participating local public library for a password that allows access to KYVL databases from home. KYVL member libraries are listed at For a listing of all Kentucky public libraries, see the Kentucky Public Library Directory.

As a state employee, the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) is your library. You can borrow audio books, books, and do online research in newspapers, journals and magazines. KYVL can supply you with a login and password but be aware there are other resources and materials available to you through KDLA.

Kentucky state government employees may request a password through KYVL's password request form at using a qualifying state government email address, such as, or

If you have an email account associated with a KYVL member hospital, you may be able to retrieve your username and password by visiting, or contact your participating institutional library for your KYVL username and password.

Contact your participating library for your KYVL username and password.

Kentucky Virtual Library resources are available through participating member libraries. For a list of libraries and institutions that participate in KYVL, visit For a listing of all Kentucky public libraries, see the Kentucky Public Library Directory.

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Logging in

If you are away from your home library, you will be prompted to log in to KYVL once you choose a resource, or you may log in here. If you are an authorized user and are having trouble logging in, click for troubleshooting tips.

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library requires a personal login to access tests, test prep, and the other resources. Learn more at or Ask KYVL if you need assistance.

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