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Accessing KYVL

Who has access?

Access to KYVL resources is provided through participating Kentucky libraries, which include Kentucky schools, public libraries, college and universities, and others. Visit your participating library to use KYVL resources on site, or ask a member of the library staff for a KYVL username and password to use KYVL resources from home and elsewhere.

To see if your library is a member, see Participating Libraries.

Where can I access KYVL?

KYVL databases are online resources. You can access them anywhere you can get an Internet connection.

When you use a computer or wireless connection at most participating schools or libraries, no login will be requried. Off campus or outside the library, you will need a KYVL username and password, available from your local library staff.

How do I get a password?

If you have an email address issued by your participating school, college, university or government agency, you may request a password by email using our password request form.

In addition, each participating member library is given a KYVL username and password to share with its users. Please ask a librarian at your participating library for your username and password. See Requesting a Password for more information. 

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