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Social Work

This page is intended to serve as a one-stop portal to resources useful to Social Workers. It contains links to both KYVL and free online resources, all of which have been evaluated and deemed reputable and suitable for inclusion.

Getting Access

Because KYVL databases are limited to Kentucky citizens, KYVL must have some way to confirm your residency. The easiest way to do this is to ask users to access KYVL through their local public library.

There are three methods for obtaining access to KYVL this way:

Accessing Though the Library's Web Site

Many large public libraries provide access to KYVL databases, as well as additional resources, to anyone with a library card. To find out if your library provides this type of access, follow these instructions:

1. Go to your public library's web site.*
2. Look the section of the site labeled research, online databases or virtual resources. (This will vary from library to library.)
3. Click through to the list of resources or a specific databases (for example: EBSCOhost).
4. Enter your library card number.

Requesting a Username/Password via Phone

While the instructions above will work with many public libraries in Kentucky, there are still several libraries that will simply link to the KYVL website, where you will be required to enter a specific KYVL-created login. In this case, you will need to contact the library directly to obtain a username and password.*

More About Passwords:  You can find more about passwords at Accessing KYVL.

Request a Username/Password Directly from KYVL

If you are unable to obtain a login via the above methods, you can request this information directly from KYVL by filling out the form located HERE. Please note that KYVL staff will only be available to provide logins during regular business hours. Any request submitted after 4:30 PM Monday - Friday will not be fulfilled until the next business day.

*Find your public library's phone number or web site URL by searching the Kentucky Public Library Directory.

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