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Adding a collection

For a consistent look and feel for your institution's collections, a template can be created that makes it possible to easily reproduce institutional customizations.

To request a new collection for your institution, complete the KDL Add Collection Request Form. A KDL administrator will notify you when the collection has been added.

Verify add request
Add collection
  • Log in at CONTENTdm Admin.
  • From the server tab, select collections, then add collection.
  • Select template as specified on request form.
  • Enter collection name as specified on request form.
  • Save new collection.
  • On collections list, click configure for new collection, then edit.
  • late with with your institution's name, e.g., Your Institution's Template. Customize your template as indicated belowWhen adding future collections, select Your Institution's Template.Change collection status to not published
Set permissions
  • From the server tab menu, select users.
  • Edit the username from the request form.
  • Highlight newly added collection.
  • Assign rights, and save changes.

Collection aliases - DRAFT

When a collection is created in CONTENTdm, a collection name is designated and a collection alias is system-generated.

Following a recent upgrade of CONTENTdm, it is now possible to designate a custom alias when a collection is created. For existing collections, requests can be submitted by KDL for OCLC to change existing collection aliases.

Please note:

  • The alias change is AS-IS. The custom alias change will not set any redirect to new updated version of the alias and its link.
  • KYVL will work with each KDL member regarding an institutional designator that will form the first portion of each custom alias. This will be required by KYVL to simplify recordkeeping and billing.
  • For new collections, KYVL and KDL members cannot modify a collection alias once the collection has been created.

Custom aliases are subject to the following rules:

  • The collection alias must start with a letter (a-z).
  • The collection alias may contain only alphanumeric characters (a-z and 0-9), the “-“ (hyphen) and “_” (underscore) characters.
  • The collection alias may contain lowercase and uppercase characters.
  • The collection alias may not exceed 13 characters in length, e.g., /1234567890abc
  • Collection aliases are case-sensitive.

KYVL will work with each KDL member to select an institutional prefix and request custom aliases through OCLC support and to designate complete aliases of future collections.

Customize your collections

For a consistent look and feel for your institution's collections, follow these steps to add customize a header each time a collection is added. Customizations must be applied to each collection individually at the collection level.

  • Log in at CONTENTdm Admin.
  • From the Collections tab, select Website to log into the Website Configuration Tool.
  • From the Editing Collection dropdown, select desired template.
  • Click Change.

The following minimal customizations are recommended:

  • Appearance > Header
    • Check box: Override global settings for this collection
    • Edit Header Text
    • Upload your institution's banner (recommended size: 150 x 1920)
    • Changes to background color, header text color and header icon color are optional but should be consistent.
    • PowerUser's tip: Once you've made these changes, save a screenshot to use as a guide in customizing future collections.
  • Appearance > Buttons
    • Optional; if changes are desired, check Override global settings for this collection.
  • Page Types > Landing Pages
    • Edit collection titles and descriptions here.
      • Home Page edits affect the KDL homepage.
      • Landing Page edits affect the collection level page.
  • Custom Page
    • More to come.

Be sure to save and publish your changes using Save and Publish.

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