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The workshop will take place as a KLA preconference Wednesday, Oct. 23., in Bowling Green. Visit to register.

Workshop topics will include:

  • Getting started and becoming a member
  • Metadata basics
  • Working in the web interface
  • Working in the project client
  • KDL website update
  • One library's experience
  • Training and support
  • Future participation
  • (end of day) Office hours - individual help with the topics of the day

Notes for participants

  • Digitize six to 10 items prior to the workshop to add to a CONTENTdm collection.
  • Bring the digital items or make sure you can access them online.
  • Bring a laptop with the project client installed.
  • If you are not able to install the project client prior to the workshop, make sure you have administrative rights on your laptop.


  Ilona Burdette is executive director of the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL), which oversees the work of the Kentucky Digital Library. She has an MSLS from the University of Kentucky. KYVL is a program of the Council on Postsecondary Education in cooperation with 300 member institutions.
Jason Cooper is Head of Technical Services at Transylvania University. Jason oversees cataloging and acquisitions and heads up the university's digitization program. He holds the MLS from Indiana University. Jason's past experience includes over a decade in Technical Services and systems positions at the University of Montevallo, (Montevallo, Alabama.)  
Nicole Frilling is the Digital Branch Librarian at Kenton County Public Library. She currently manages the website and electronic resources. She has a MSLS from the University of Kentucky.

Edna Fugate is Director of Library Services for the University of Pikeville, where she spent many years as the University Archivist and Reference Librarian managing the Frank M. Allara Library Special Collections and Archives, participating in preservation, digitzation, and outreach. She is a Certified Archivist and has her MSLS from the University of Kentucky.  
  Jennifer Howard is Systems Librarian at Frontier Nursing University, where she manages the library's website, institutional repository, and LibGuides. She has an MSLS from the University of Kentucky. Prior to joining FNU, she worked for eight years in the special collections and library department of the Kentucky Historical Society.
Kevin Johnson is Digitization & Metadata Specialist at Transylvania University. Kevin supports Transy's Digital Liberal Arts initiatives, and also serves the primary contact for CONTENTdm. He has an MFA in Photography from the University of Kentucky. Prior to joining the staff at Transylvania, Kevin worked at the Kentucky Historical Society, and the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives.  



Time Topic Responsibility
1:00 pm

Welcome and introductions

  • KDL Work Group
  • KDL Web Team
  • Other presenters

Ilona et. al.


Getting started and becoming a member

  • [DPLA comments]
  • Becoming a user (CONTENTdm admin)
  • Adding a collection
  • MOA
    • Not required for sandbox collection
  • Cost
    • QuickStart
    • Additional storage
    • Preservation
    • (DPLA)
1:20 pm

Metadata basics

  • What is metadata?
  • KDL metadata template
    • Required fields
    • Shared vocabularies
    • Add, don't change!
  • How is it used in CONTENTdm?
    • Fields searched in KDL
    • Importance for DPLA
1:40 pm

Working in the web interface

  • Adding items from scratch
  • Editing
  • Find and replace
  • Approving and indexing
    • Approving items
    • Indexing collections
      • What for
      • Process
      • Time involved
2:00 pm Break (make sure project client is installed on laptop)  
2:15 pm

Working in the project client

  • Installation
    • Key available from KYVL to MOA signers
  • Setting up collections
    • Metadata templates
  • Adding items
  • Adding compound objects
  • Batch import
  • ​Importing metadata via .txt files
  • Approving and indexing

Web developments

  • Changes to date
    • Header
    • Menu
    • KDL Web Team Sandbox - Preview changes
    • Branding (logo)
  • Anticipated changes
    • Importance of metadata
  • Collection-level customizations
3:15 pm

Real-life case study

  • Medical Theses Collection move
  • Merger of Coleman collections
  • Web customizations

Jason Cooper
Kevin Johnson

3:30 pm

Training and support

  • Web pages & e-lists
  • KDL user community
  • CONTENTdm Community


Nicole, Edna

3:45 pm

Wrap up - Future participation

  • Member council
  • Office Hours (possibly)
4:00 pm Bon Voyage! Office hours - one-on-one help with topics from today's sessions Workshop crew
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