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Usage Statistics


Project COUNTER is a joint effort of librarians and publishers to develop and maintain standards for counting the use of electronic resources. These standards are codified in the COUNTER Code of Practice, currently in release 5.

COUNTER standards are designed to guide publishers and vendors in providing data that is consistent, credible and comparable. The Project COUNTER website features a register of COUNTER-compliant vendors and publishers as well as a Friendly Guide to COUNTER Release 5 for Librarians.

Audited entries and supported platforms of KYVL vendors (selected reports; currently Release 4 only) include:

COUNTER stands for "Counting Online Usage of NeTworked Electronic Resources."

Putting it all together

SUSHI protocol

SUSHI stands for "Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative."


  • Is used for harvesting e-resource usage data.
  • Is designed to replace time-consuming user-mediated collection of usage data reports.
  • Can be used to retrieve a variety of usage reports.
  • Works with COUNTER.

The SUSHI protocol is a standard of ANSI / NISO. Learn more at

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