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About the Authentication Work Group

In May 2018, the KYVL Leadership Team (LT) approved creation of an ad hoc authentication work group. The group is currently being convened and will begin meeting in Fall 2018.

Charge / tasking

To present recommendations no later than May 2019 on the future of KYVL authentication based on the following tasking:

  • To conduct an environmental scan of authentication options and trends:
    • Across the profession
    • Throughout the state and region
  • To evaluate anticipated life expectancy of current and alternate authentication methods
  • To evaluate pros and cons of likely options for KYVL and its members, to include:
    • Privacy
    • Reporting
    • Ability to demonstrate outcomes
    • Consortial use
  • To explore and summarize evaluation by librarians who have already adopted these methods

Approved 8.10.18

Roster of current members

Group First Last Email Phone Office
AIKCU Mike Wells o: 859.344.3524 Chair
K12 Marty Park o: 502.564.2020  
KCTCS Maureen Cropper o: 859.246.6394  
KCTCS Michael Stapleton o: 859.256.3361  
KDLA John Detwiler o: 502.564.8374  
KYVL Ilona Burdette o: 502.892.3073  
KYVL Enid Wohlstein o: 502.892.3068  
KYVL Leadership Team Sheree Williamson o: 502.213.2156  
SAALCK Ashley Ireland o: 270.809.2291  
SAALCK Todd King o: 859.622.3448  
COT Rob Guckenberger o: 502.782.5369  

Updated 10.11.2018

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Maureen Cropper, KCTCS (2020)
o: 859.246.6394

John Detwiler, KDLA
o: 502.564.8374

Rob Guckenberger, COT
o: 502.782.5369

Todd King, SAALCK
o: 859.622.3448

Ashley Ireland, SAALCK
o: 270.809.2291

Marty Park, K12 / KDE
o: 502.564.2020

Michael Stapleton, KCTCS
o: 859.256.3361

Mike Wells, AIKCU, Chair
o: 859.344.3524

Sheree Williams, KYVL Leadership Team Liaison
o: 502.213.2156

Enid Wohlstein, KYVL
o: 502.892.3068

Updated 10.11.2018

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