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Committees and Work Groups

Web Team tasking - F20-21 (DRAFT)

  • To explore cooperation with other consortia regarding web customizations.
  • To continue to improve the user interface for function and appearance.
  • To support partner institutions with web customizations, through documentation and / or training.

Web Team tasking - F19-20

  • To implement website customizations and functionality changes for Oct. 1 launch of new KDL on CONTENTdm
  • To continue to improve the user interface for function and appearance
  • To support, through documentation and or training, partner institutions with web customizations

Web team tasking - F18-19

  • To identify and prioritize desired web customizations
  • To solicit stakeholder (Member Council) input
  • To develop strategy and implementation timetable for launch and ongoing enhancements.

Approved 5.18.2018


The KDL web team has prepared wireframes that will serve as drafts for the team's work during F18-19. Scroll through embedded PDF or download PowerPoint below.

Web roadmap

Pre-Phase One - Call for logos

Phase I - Look & feel with headers/footers

  1. Header default menu options
  2. CSS to adjust menus for header/footer
  3. Put in new logo
  4. Color changes

Phase II - Custom page for home page redo test

  1. New functionality for home page
  2. Publish and circulate draft home page
  3. Make this custom page live

Phase III - internal pages

  1. Make custom pages for search, browse, collections
  2. Change functionality and appearance
    1. Collection header/footers
    2. Move and style content objects

Phase IV - Tentative

  1. Complex menus
  2. Additional functionality

Example sites

KDL will be developing the look and feel of the new consortial instance of CONTENTdm. Minnesota Reflections is an example of a consortial site using the CONTENTdm platform.

Kentucky Virtual Library
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