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Charge and tasking

Information Literacy Task Force Charge

The charge of the Information Literacy Task Force is to elevate information literacy in the Commonwealth by leveraging KYVL resources and the expertise and reach of KYVL member libraries.

Information Literacy Task Force Tasking, F20-21 (revised 10.13.2020)

The tasking of the Information Literacy Task Force is to:

  • Crosswalk the Information Literacy Skills Progression with the Kentucky Academic Standards for Library Media.
  • Develop a sustainability plan for information literacy resources repository content and digital lifecycle.
  • Review Air Table tool and determine if this or another tool will work best for organizing current and future instructional materials and submissions. This tool must consider the submission process and tagging options.
  • Develop and implement a review process for submitted resources.
  • Review current instructional materials and continue to develop & compile instructional materials at all audience levels.
  • Continue to look for opportunities to collaborate with / recruit librarians and to present to educators outside the library.
Information Literacy Task Force Tasking, F19-20

The tasking of the Information Literacy Task Force is to:

  • Within three overarching goals (find, evaluate, use), identify specific skills / SLOs for the prepared student transitioning to each audience level
  • Review KYVL information literacy tutorials (How to Do Research, middle and high school; Research Rocket, elementary school) for consistency with these skills / SLOs and for potential future development
  • Continue to develop & compile instructional materials at all audience levels
  • Develop and implement a review process for submitted resources
  • Look for opportunities to collaborate with  / present to educators outside the library
KYVL-LIRT Task Force Tasking, F18-19

The tasking of the KYVL-LIRT Task Force (F18-19) is to:

  • Identify information literacy needs for students transitioning to postsecondary education in Kentucky
  • Identify priorities for information literacy instruction of Kentucky's K12 students
  • Prioritize development of instructional materials
  • Create instructional materials based on KYVL resources for preparing Kentucky's students for a successful transition to postsecondary education research

Revised 11.30.18

Roster of members

Group First Last Email Phone Office
AIKCU Andrew Adler 502.863.8000  
AIKCU Haley Fannin 606.218.5609  
AIKCU Karoline Manny 859.238.5299  
K12 James Allen 502.564.3141 Liaison
K12 Lisa Fierro o: 502.633.2375 tbd
K12 Karrie Chajkowski    
K12 Melissa Gardner 859.635.2173 Co-chair
K12 Jason Gay 859.815.2613  
K12 Kim Hardin 270.692.6066 tbd
K12 Holly Hart 859.292.3023  
K12 Letitia Rudie    
K12 Heidi Neltner o: 859.781.3333 tbd
K12 Sydney Travis 502.485.8233  
KCTCS Esther French 270.901.1171 Co-chair
KCTCS Elizabeth Hartlaub 859.442.4162  
KCTCS Evelyn Hudson 606.487.3147  
KCTCS Carla Redden 606.759.7141  
KYVL Ilona Burdette 502.892.3073  
KYVL Enid Wohlstein 502.892.3068  
KYVL Leadership Team Naulayne Enders 606.474.3276  
SAALCK Andrea Brooks 859.572.1357  
SAALCK Cindy Judd 859.622.2289 Chair
SAALCK Brad Marcum 859.622.1801  
SAALCK Sarah Richardson 859.622.2014  

Updated  10.22.2020

Andrew Adler, AIKCU

James Allen, K12, KYVL Leadership Team Liaison

Andrea Brooks, SAALCK

Ilona Burdette, KYVL

Karrie Chajkowski, K12

Naulayne Enders

Haley Fannin, AIKCU

Esther French, Co-chair, KCTCS

Melissa Gardner, Co-chair, K12

Jason Gay, K12

Holly Hart, K12

Elizabeth Hartlaub, KCTCS

Evelyn Hudson, KCTCS

Cindy Judd, SAALCK

Karoline Manny, AIKCU

Brad Marcum, SAALCK

Carla Redden, KCTCS

Sarah Richardson, SAALCK

Letitia Rudie, K12

Sydney Travis, K12

Enid Wohlstein, KYVL

Updated 10.20.2020

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