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How to Do Research for Middle and High School Students

Choosing & Narrowing a Topic

Choosing a research topic can feel equally exciting, limiting and overwhelming. Excitement occurs because research allows you the ability to follow your curiosity.

But most of us have many interests and choosing only one for the purpose of research may feel somewhat limiting.

On the other hand, choosing a topic can also be overwhelming when you consider the volume of books, magazine articles, and websites that may need to be reviewed as possible resources

The key is to choose something you are truly interested in or possibly combine a few interests, so the process seems less like a job and more like an adventure.

Developing a Subject Overview

What strategies will help me determine if my topic is research worthy?

Developing a Research Topic - video from the University of Kentucky Libraries 

How you determine you have a good topic - questions to consider from Emory University Woodruff Library

Brainstorming Techniques - strategies from The Writing Center at George Mason University

Narrowing a Research Question

How do I create a well written research question?

Thinking through your question - fill in the blank template from Read Write Think

Developing a research question - video from Northern Kentucky University's Steely Library

Get creative:  how to refine a research topic - handout from Eastern Kentucky University Noel Studio

How to write a research question - guidance from The Writing Center at George Mason university

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