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How to Do Research for Middle and High School Students

Creating Alternative Products

Sometimes the final product of research will include an oral or visual component as well as the written paper.  At other times, the final product will simply be an oral presentation or visual product.  These may include digital media, timelines, 3D art, posters, newspapers, mixed media, web page, poems, photographic collages and videos.  This module will provide tips to follow when presenting your research findings orally, visually or both.


What should I consider when determining the information I need to convey?

Your audience - overview from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center

Getting started with digital assignments - an overview of considerations from University of Louisville Writing Center


What vehicle can I use to best accomplish transferring the information I have gathered to my audience?

Potential tools to use for creating presentations - recommendations from Common Sense Education

Copyright overview: using images - quick course from University of Kentucky Libraries

Visuals and images - search the Creative Commons library

Public speaking and class presentations - overview with a checklist for success from Lumen Learning

Giving an oral presentation - overview from University of Southern California

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