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How to Do Research for Middle and High School Students

Taking Notes & Citing Sources

Now that you have gathered reliable resources, you are ready to begin extracting relevant information from these sources.  Research often involves connecting the information you discover in resources with your own ideas, and you will often be required to add to these thoughts you find in your sources.  You will need to create source cards to identify the sources of quotations and ideas so you will be prepared to cite your sources later as well as find sources again if you need additional information.  Integrity is imperative when utilizing resource and requires you to properly cite or give credit to the author when necessary.  The key is knowing when and how to cite a source, therefore, reducing your chances of plagiarizing the information.


How do I decide whether I should use a quote, paraphrase, or simply summarize my information?

Quotation, paraphrase and summary - overview from the University of Louisville Writing Center

How we cite sources - video from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center

From Reading to Writing - a how to with template from City University of New York

How to do a double entry notebook - template from City University of New York

Reading to Write - a how to from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Writing Center


Citing Sources

When do I need to create a citation?  How will I create these citations?

Plagiarism: how to avoid it - video from Lumen Learning

Using sources - overview from University of Louisville Writing Center

Why we cite sources and how - overview from the MIT Libraries

Citing Instragram, Tweets and more - guide from EasyBib

Citing sources in MLA format - how to from the University of Louisville Libraries

Citing sources in APA format - how to from Eastern Kentucky University Libraries

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