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Special offers for KYVL members

Select a tab for discounts and other special offers from vendors for KYVL member institutions. Offers are good through June, 2021, or as noted on individual tabs.

Information for vendors

Vendors wishing to make special offers to KYVL members are asked to observe the following guidelines:

  • Offers should extend to all KYVL members, which include academic, public, school and special libraries. Please contact KYVL to discuss exceptions.
  • Offers should benefit both new and existing customers.
  • Offers should be good through June 30, the end of KYVL's fiscal year. 

Please direct questions to KYVL at or 844.400.KYVL.

Click here to learn more about becoming a vendor for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Through June, 2021, EBSCO is offering KYVL academic libraries the following discounts:

20 percent on FacultySelect (Courtesy trial through June 30).

15 percent on the following databases and upgrades:

For more information, contact:

David Glaser, Regional Sales Manager
800.653.2726 x2101
m: 410.504.9541

Leah Rolph, Account Executive
800.653.2726 x2434

Through June, 2021, EBSCO is offering KYVL members 10 percent discounts for new orders only on the following databases and upgrades:

For more information, contact:

Seth Pierce, Account Executive
800.653.2726 x3683

Teresa Trammel, Field Sales Representative
800.653.2726 x2064

Public Libraries     Schools

Through June, 2021, EBSCO is offering KYVL members 15 percent discounts on the following databases and upgrades:

For more information, contact:

Jacob Simone, Regional Sales Manager
800.653.2726, x3822

Jennifer Dione, Account Executive
800.653.2726 x3414

Through June, 2020, KYVL members are eligible for a 10 percent discount for new orders of EBSCO Stacks.

For sales contacts, please see the appropriate EBSCO Academic, EBSCO Healthcare or EBSCO Schools and Public Libraries tabs.

The following Infobase offers are available to KYVL members through June, 2020:

  • KYVL members are eligible for a 5 percent discount for new orders on any product in the Infobase digital catalog.
  • Existing customers placing a new order may request a free one-year subscription to the World Almanac database.

For more information or to place an order, contact one of the following Infobase reps:

Academic Institutions
Melinda Gallo, Digital Media Consultant - Academic Division
800.257.5126, x4270

K12 and Public Libraries
Phil Tam, Regional Sales Manager
800.257.5126, x4326

KYVL is a group access member of LYRASIS, entitling KYVL members to member pricing for professional development classes, discounts on library and archival supplies, and free job bank postings. Additional benefits are available to institutions that joint LYRASIS individually.

Visit LYRASIS benefits for KYVL members for more information, or download the PDF, below.

KYVL members are eligible for grandfathered pricing for new and renewed subscriptions to Mango Languages through June, 2020. For more information, including a free trial, contact:

Lauren Ruffolo, Account Executive
 248.254.7450 x838

Consortial pricing from Naxos is now available to KYVL members. Through June, 2020, KYVL members are eligible for a 15 percent discount off of list prices of Naxos music, video and spoken word collections.

To place an order or request a discount, contact:

John Sells, Sales and Support Coordinator

WorldShare Management Services (WMS) is an integrated suite of cloud-based library management applications with WorldCat data as its foundation. OCLC offers KYVL members a discounted price for WMS based on the number of participating libraries.

Number of participating libraries FY 2018‑19 discount (eligible products)  
8-10 10 percent  
11-20 15 percent  
21-40 20 percent  

Additional discounts are available as the number of participating libraries increases.

For FY 2018-19 billing, the following 13 KYVL member libraries are counted in the OCLC-KYVL WMS incentive program:

Individual subscribers

  • Bellarmine University
  • Brescia University
  • Centre College
  • Georgetown College
  • Kentucky Department for Libraries & Archives
  • Kentucky Historical Society
  • Kentucky Wesleyan University
  • Spalding University
  • Transylvania University

SAALCK libraries

  • Eastern Kentucky University
  • Kentucky State University
  • Northern Kentucky University
  • University of Louisville


EBSCO is offering KYVL members the following discount for OpenAthens, subject to the following provisions:

Number of participating libraries
(by type)
5-9 5 percent  
10-19 10 percent  
20+ 15 percent  
  • Discounts apply to new adoptions of OpenAthens only
  • Participating libraries are counted separately for each library type, that is, 
    • Academic libraries
    • Public libraries
    • K12 libraries
    • Special libraries

OpenAthens agreements would be between EBSCO and the individual library, institution or organization.

The following products are available for all KYVL members at a special rate of at least 10% off new orders. Offer is good through June, 2021.

For a custom quote, please contact:

Mary Hellner, Senior Account Manager, Community Colleges & Special Market Library Sales

Chris Michaels, Account Manager, K12

Dan Hayes, Account Manager, Public Libraries

KYVL members are eligible for 25% off total first year order placed within 6 months of viewing a demo with StackMap, through June, 2020.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please contact:

Alexa Roy at or 415.658.5244 or visit to book a demo. Be sure to mention that you are a member of the Kentucky Virtual Library.

Select a tab for more information about other value-added benefits of KYVL membership.

KYVL is a part of the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), an agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. CPE establishes master agreements (contracts) with database vendors on behalf of KYVL and its members for access to electronic resources and other services serving a broad range of information needs. KYVL member institutions may make use of KYVL master agreements to license additional content beyond the core content licensed by KYVL for all its members. KYVL is the point of contact for members regarding use of these master agreements.

Commonwealth of Kentucky Master Agreements are searchable at

KYVL members are invited to participate in a discussion forum regarding the SpringShare product suite via the SpUNKy e-list. Sign up for the e-list in the KYVL Member Portal.

SpringShare's current product suite includes:

List etiquette

To comply with list etiquette, please alert others of the category of your post by using a specific designator as the first word of the subject. Suggested examples include:

  • Guides
    • CMS (please use this more specific designator when applicable)
  • Answers
    • Chat (when applicable)
    • Social (when applicable)
  • Cal
  • Insight
  • CRM
  • Staffer
  • Wizard
    • Forms
    • Surveys
    • Quizzes
    • Tutorials
  • E-Reserves

KYVL participates in a supports organizations that strengthen and grow the library community, including:

COUNTER is a non-profit organization supported by libraries, publishers and vendors who contribute to the development of the COUNTER Code of Practice, which helps librarians demonstrate the value of electronic resources by facilitating the recording and reporting of online resource usage stats in a consistent and credible way.

ICOLC, the International Coalition of Library Consortia, supports participating consortia by facilitating discussion on issues of common interest. From time to time ICOLC issues statements regarding topics which affect libraries and library consortia.

In addition to LYRASIS member benefits described under Discounts and Offers, KYVL participates in LYRASIS Leaders Circle, committed to helping build sustainable programs, services and solutions by establishing standards, fair pricing and governance that will impact the broader community.

NISO identifies, develops, maintains, and publishes technical standards to manage information in today's continually changing digital environment. Through NISO, content publishers, libraries, and software developers collaborate on mutually accepted standards that enhance their operations today and form a foundation for the future.

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