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About KYVL constituencies

KYVL is a consortium of all library types, and the committee and work group structure of KYVL reflects these institutional affiliations. Keep reading for a brief overview of the KYVL constituencies.

Academic libraries

The academic libraries of the Commonwealth participate in KYVL through one of four constituent groups.

AIKCU - The Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities

All 18 AIKCU member institutions participate in KYVL. Learn more about AIKCU at

KCTCS - The Kentucky Community & Technical College System

All 16 KCTCS colleges participate in KYVL. Learn more about KCTCS at KCTCS is a member of SAALCK (below), but due to its unique role in Kentucky higher education, is recognized as a separate constituency among KYVL members.

SAALCK - The State-Assisted Academic Library Council of Kentucky

Made up of the libraries of Kentucky's 8 public universities and KCTCS, all SAALCK institutions participate in KYVL. Learn more about SAALCK at

Nonaffiliated academic libraries

Other Kentucky academic libraries not affiliated with any of the groups already described also participate in KYVL. Membership includes four seminaries, a bible college, and four independent universities.

Government agencies

Kentucky state government agency employees have access to KYVL through logins provided through the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Learn more at Kentucky state government employees may also request a password via the

K12 schools

K12 public school districts

Kentucky has 173 county and independent public school districts, over 100 of which participate in KYVL. Click for a directory of Kentucky school districts.

K12 private schools

Some of Kentucky's private schools also participate as members of KYVL. More information on Kentucky's private schools is available from the Kentucky Non-Public School Commission.

Public libraries

119 of Kentucky's 120 counties are served by public libraries; 115 participate as members of KYVL. Click for a directory of Kentucky's public libraries.

Special libraries

Libraries that do not fall into the academic, K12 or public library categories are categorized as special libraries. Most of the special libraries participating in KYVL are associated with healthcare. Others are associated with the military or museums.

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