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Alliance charge

To represent KYVL membership in advising the KYVL Leadership Team on funding, collections, and other issues of primary importance to membership.

Revised 10.21.2016

More about the Alliance

The KYVL Alliance meets with Leadership Team (LT) approximately twice each year to advise LT on budget / funding and collections matters as a broader representation of membership.

Affirmed by LT 12.16.2016

Makeup of the Alliance

The KYVL Alliance consists of 13 voting members and three non-voting members. Voting members must represent or work with current member institutions. Apart from those who serve ex officio, members are selected by the organizations they represent and serve three-year terms that begin July 1.

Group No. of reps Selecting body Membership requirements
AIKCU 1 AIKCU Library Directors Dean or director
CPE 1 ex officio VP with oversight of KYVL; non-voting
K12 2 KASL Executive Board  
K12 1 (Leadership Team) K12 representative on Leadership Team
KCTCS 1 KCTCS Library Directors Dean or director
KDLA 1 State librarian & commissioner  
KYVL 1 ex officio Director; non-voting
KYVL Leadership Team 1 ex officio Chair; non-voting in this role
Nonaffiliated academic libraries 1 Directors of member libraries Dean or director
Public libraries 2 KPLA Executive Board Director
SAALCK 1 SAALCK Library Directors Dean or director other than UK / U of L
Special libraries 1 Directors of member libraries Library dean or director
University of Kentucky 1 ex officio Dean of libraries
University of Louisville 1 ex officio Dean of libraries

Affirmed by LT 12.16.2016


Alliance has two officers, chair and chair elect with recorder duties. Offices rotate among member groups according to the schedule below. Terms begin July 1. CPE vice president, KDE library media consultant, KYVL executive director and KYVL Leadership Team chair are not included in the rotation of officers.

Among KASL and KPLA representatives, officers should be selected to ensure that the chair elect will assume duties in first or second year of a three-year term. If both representatives are eligible to serve, they may agree among themselves who will fill the office. If necessary, a simple majority of Alliance members shall determine the officers.

Chair elect is requested to to coordinate with the other members of the Alliance and the Leadership Team to ensure that the Alliance membership roster is filled prior to the July 1 start of his or her term as chair.

Edited following review by LT 12.16.2016

Term of office Chair Chair elect / recorder
F11-12 UK or U of L SAALCK other than UK / U of L
F12-13 SAALCK other than UK / U of L KASL (formerly KSMA)
F13-14 KASL (formerly KSMA) Public libraries
F14-15 Public libraries KCTCS
F15-16 KCTCS Nonaffiliated academic
F16-17 Nonaffiliated academic AIKCU
F17-18 AIKCU Special libraries
F18-19 Special libraries KDLA
F19-20 KDLA UK or U of L
F20-21 UK or U of L SAALCK other than UK / U of L

Roster of current members

Group First Last Email Phone (office) Office Term exp.
AIKCU Mimi O'Malley 502.585.7130   2019
CPE Melissa Bell 502.892.3007   ex officio
K12 (KASL) Darlah Zweifel 270.422.7515, x4522   2019
K12 (KASL) Hollis Hart 859.292.3023   2020
K12 Marty Park 502.564.2020    
KCTCS Donna Abell 270.686.4575   2020
KDLA Terry Manuel 502.564.1730 Chair ex officio
KYVL Ilona Burdette 502.892.3073   ex officio
KYVL Leadership Team Naulayne Enders 606.474.3276   ex officio
Nonaffiliated Academic Billie Anne Gebb 859.899.2519   2019
Public libraries (KPLA) Alicia Harrington 270.684.0211   2019
Public libraries (KPLA) Kathy Watson 606.723.3030   2020
SAALCK Sheila Stuckey 502.597.6852   2019
Special libraries            
University of Kentucky Deirdre Scaggs 859.257.3653   ex officio
University of Louisville Bob Fox 502.852.6745   ex officio

Updated 7.23.19

Donna Abell, KCTCS (2020)
o: 270.686.4575

Ilona Burdette, KYVL (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3073

Bob Fox, University of Louisville (ex officio)
o: 502.852.6745

Billie Anne Gebb, Frontier Nursing University (2019, Chair)
o: 859.899.2519

Alicia Harrington, Public libraries (2019)
o: 270.684.0211

Hollis Hart, K12 (2020)
o: 859.292.3023

Mimi O'Malley, AIKCU (2019)
o: 502.585.7130



Terry Manuel, KDLA (ex officio)
o: 502.564.1730

Laura McWilliams, KYVL LT Chair (ex officio)
o: 859.792.3424

Marty Park, K12 / KDE
o: 502.564.2020

Kathy Watson, Public libraries (2020)
o: 606.723.3030

Deirdre Scaggs, University of Kentucky (ex officio)
o: 859.257.3653

Sheila Stuckey, SAALCK (2019)
o: 502-597-6852

Melissa Bell, CPE (ex officio)
o: 502.892.3007

Darlah Zweifel, K12 (2019)
o: 270.422.7515, x4522

Vacant, Special libraries

Vacant, University of Kentucky (ex officio)

Updated 4.8.2019

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