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About the KYVL-LIRT Task Force

The Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT) of the Kentucky Library Association (KLA) has agreed to partner with KYVL in the creation of shareable information literacy instruction based on resources available through KYVL, particularly as it applies to students transitioning from K12 to postsecondary education. KYVL resources are available to nearly 80 percent of Kentucky's K12 students. In addition, over 50 Kentucky postsecondary institutions include KYVL databases among their resources.

In September 2018, the KYVL Leadership Team (LT) approved creation of an ad hoc KYVL-LIRT Task Force. The group is currently being convened and will begin meeting in October.

Charge / tasking

The tasking of the KYVL-LIRT Task Force is to:

  • Identify priorities for information literacy instruction of Kentucky's K12 students
  • Identify information literacy needs for students transitioning to postsecondary education in Kentucky
  • Prioritize development of instructional materials
  • Create instructional materials based on KYVL resources for preparing Kentucky's students for a successful transition to postsecondary education research

Approved 9.24.18

Make up of the task force

Members of the task force are members of KLA's Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT), KYVL staff or Leadership Team. The chair is also a member of LIRT. Individuals who are not members of LIRT may be invited to participate upon recommendation of the KYVL Leadership Team or task force.

Target size for the task force is approximately 12 to 15 members. The task force is authorized to create subcommittees as needed.

Roster of current members

Group LIRT
First Last Email Phone Office
AIKCU Andrew Adler    
AIKCU Amy Bessin    
AIKCU Haley Fannin    
K12 Melissa Gardner    
K12   Kim Hardin    
KCTCS Esther French    
KCTCS Evelyn Hudson    
KCTCS Carla Redden    
KYVL   Ilona Burdette    
KYVL   Enid Wohlstein    
KYVL Leadership Team Naulayne Enders   Liaison
Nonaffiliated Academics George Bergstrom   Chair
SAALCK Cindy Judd    
SAALCK Brad Marcum    
SAALCK Sarah Richardson    

Updated 10.23.2018

Andrew Adler, AIKCU, LIRT

George Bergstrom, Chair, Nonaffiliated Academics, LIRT

Amy Bessin, AIKCU, LIRT

Ilona Burdette, KYVL

Naulayne Enders, KYVL Leadership Team Liaison, LIRT

Haley Fannin, AIKCU, LIRT

Esther French, KCTCS, LIRT

Melissa Gardner, K12, LIRT

Kim Hardin, K12​

Evelyn Hudson, KCTCS, LIRT

Cindy Judd, SAALCK, LIRT

Brad Marcum, SAALCK, LIRT

Carla Redden, KCTCS, LIRT

Sarah Richardson, SAALCK, LIRT

Enid Wohlstein, KYVL

Updated 10.23.2018


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