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LearningExpress Library (EBSCO) technical support

Hours: 24-hour support Monday through Friday
                9 am - 5 pm ET / 8 am - 4 pm CT Saturday and Sunday
Phone: 800.758.5995
Online support form:

Creating direct links

Each KYVL member library has been assigned an auth token to use on their own websites. Member libraries should contact KYVL for the auth token unique to their library. Member libraries can also create direct links to each of our subscribed LearningExpress resources.  Logos to use can be found on this page elsewhere.  

To create a unique URL to each resource, please see this explanatory page on the EBSCO LearningExpress support site - creating direct links instruction.  

Review of ebooks

LearningExpress is currently in the process of reviewing their entire ebook library, to ensure that resources are current and accurate. The goal over the next year is to get the majority of ebooks updated by the LearningExpress review team. Once the project is complete, and the entire ebook catalog has been reviewed, LearningExpress team will curate and maintain the ebook library as follows:

  • For titles aligned with standardized tests and career certification and licensing exams, they will be updated whenever the specs for the official exams are revised, and will be updated at a minimum of every 3 years to ensure currency and accuracy.
  • For academic/vocational skill-building titles, such as the 20 Minutes a Day series, they will be reviewed for pedagogical and reference accuracy and currency at a minimum of every 5 years.

Review of exams and resources

All practice exams reflect the latest official test specifications. All resources are reviewed bi-annually to ensure accuracy and currency. When a test is identified as out of sync with latest official specifications, LearningExpress removes the test and updates it accordingly. Alerts are posted on respective topic and guidance pages during the update period. If a resource is deemed to still be valid for preparation, an alert is added to both the topic and guidance pages during the transition.

NRS Educational Function Levels and more

How LEL content aligns to the latest NRS Educational Functioning Levels
Many of the resources in the GED® Test Prep Center and the School Center were developed and leveled to directly align to the CCSS, and the CCR Standards are the basis for the latest National Reporting System (NRS) Function Level Descriptors, so those resources can be very useful in adult education centers. See the alignment maps that correlate the relevant reading, writing, and math practice sets and tutorials in LearningExpress Library's GED® Test Prep Center and School Center to the EFLs.

  • LEL ELA Resources to EFL Alignment Map
  • LEL Math Resources to EFL Alignment Map

Coverage of GED® High Impact Indicators in GED® Test Prep Resources
GED® Test prep tutorials were evaluated and officially certified by the GED Testing Service as fully content aligned to the official GED® Test. That means that not only are the skills identified in the high impact indicators covered in the tutorials, so are all of the other GED indicators. See coverage chart that details each high impact indicator and where it is covered in the GED tutorials and GED Practice Tests. 

  • GED High Impact Indicators LEX Coverage Map

LearningExpres has TABE 9/10 practice tests in the GED® Test Prep Center that recommend a preparation path for users based on their performance. If a user scores poorly in a particular topic, the TABE practice tests (which LearningExpress calls Skills Checks) recommend a targeted “pre-GED” level practice set in the “Build Your Basic Skills” category. The user, based on performance, is guided through the three different topic levels until hopefully, their skills are strong enough to begin preparing for the GED with practice tests, tutorials, and eBooks. Each step of the program is detailed in the attached document, which will also be added to the guidance pages of GED Test Prep Center at the October launch:

  • GED Test Prep Step by Step Guide
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