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Strategic Planning

Resources & Resource Sharing

1. Provide access to high-quality resources that serve the information needs of Kentuckians.
  1. Provide access to core databases consistent with KYVL needs and resources.
    • [Core database survey deferred to F19-20]
  2. Explore enhanced offerings for member constituencies.
    • Member survey confirmed interest in exploring KYVL pledge acquisition model
    • Initial pledge model survey undertaken regarding Ancestry Library Edition; follow up deferred pending discussions with KDLA.
    • TeenBook Cloud (formerly TumbleBook Cloud) pilot renewed and extended.
    • Opposing Viewpoints in Context access secured for FY in response to member priorities.

2. Facilitate resource sharing among Kentucky libraries.

  1. Provide access to courier service for all member public and academic libraries.
    • Completed F17-18.
  2. Provide a platform for the sharing of unique local content through the Kentucky Digital Library.
    • Content return from KDL@UK coordinated with the University of Kentucky; completed.
    • Conference presentations including KLA, Convergence.
    • Web team developing and implementing enhancements.
    • New logo contest; design selected and enhanced.
    • KDL workshop Dec. 2018 for KDL participants.
    • Date of cutover from UK to OCLC set for October 1, 2019.
    • 20 participating libraries and institutions.

Information Literacy

3. Promote a high level of information literacy among Kentuckians.

  1. Develop information literacy resources for all KYVL user communities.
    • KYVL-LIRT Task Force charge / tasking established; group convened.
      • Established broad goals: Find, Evaluate, Use ethically
      • Identified audiences: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 12+
      • Assembled standards, example resources and assignments for goals and audiences.
      • Experimented with AirTable as public-facing resource repository
      • Presented progress and future work at June 2019 LIRT Retreat
    • Task force to continue for two additional years as Information Literacy Task Force
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for training librarians in the use of KYVL resources.
    • Regional KYVL public librarian trainings coordinated with KDLA as step toward developing strategic collaboration.
    • Development of KYVL YouTube and TeacherTube channels.
    • Consolidated training information at

Member Services

4. Provide tools for an excellent user experience when accessing KYVL resources and services.

  1. Develop and maintain an appealing, intuitive, accessible and device-neutral web site.
    • Preliminary development underway.
  2. Enhance user authentication and discovery services.
    • Collaboration with EBSCO support to optimize and standardize search settings and behaviors
    • Publication Finder widget under development (with EBSCO)
    • Soft-launch of LDAP authentication for email account holders
    • SSO conversations with KDE
  3. Provide easy, effective interaction and feedback mechanisms for librarians and end users.
    • Development of forms and surveys to promote ease and consistency of communication; surveys include SPUNKY, authentication and pledge-model.
  4. Provide user-friendly tools for statistical reporting and comparisons.
    • Visual display developed for monthly courier stats.
    • Data visualization beta shared for public university usage stats.

5. Maintain clear and timely communication with members.

  1. Develop and implement a strategy to deliver key messages to key audiences via appropriate channels.
    • KYVL database cost notices prepared and shared much earlier in response to member requests to facilitate budgeting.
    • Enhanced communication among chairs, including fall kickoff, quarterly updates.
    • Master and individual work group calendars posted to committee pages.
    • Review underway of messages, audiences, media.
  2. Develop and implement a strategy for robust reporting of statistics to inform collections and operational decisions and promote transparency.
    • Systematic ticket tracking of help interactions implemented.
    • Hybrid stats team combining Collections Work Group members and administrators met to identify reporting priorities.
    • Collaboration underway with CPE Data and Advanced Analytics team.
  3. Ensure that web site content is well organized, relevant and up to date.
  4. Assist member libraries and their end users who directly contact KYVL.

6. Maintain internal operational excellence.

  1. Maintain excellent staff at appropriate levels.
  2. Maintain efficient office systems and operations.
    • Virtual terminal implemented to accept credit card payments for KYVL events.


7. Operate strategically and sustainably.

  1. Pursue a strategic vision consistent with the priorities and Strategic Agenda of Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education.
    • Resources for student success promoted in KYVL presentation at CPE Student Success Summit
  2. Apply equitable and sustainable funding models to all KYVL services within and among member constituencies and with respect to CPE funding.
    • First year of implementation of new funding formula characterized by simplicity & clarity; equity & impartiality; and sustainability.
    • Funding formula explanation added to web site.
  3. Pursue and promote value-added benefits for members.
    • Value add page featuring vendor offers for KYVL members added to KYVL membership pages.
    • Launch of SpUNKy (SpringShare Users Network of Kentucky) e-list for KYVL SpringShare users.
    • Exploration of pledge model for enhanced database acquisition.

​8. Strengthen and grow the KYVL user community.

  1. Maintain a responsive committee structure that reflects member and organizational needs.
    • Authentication Work Group charge / tasking and roster established; group convened.
    • KYVL-LIRT Task Force charge / tasking and roster established; group convened.
    • K12 representation on Collections Work Group expanded to included designated position to alternate between Kentucky's largest districts.
  2. Engage in partnerships that further the mission of KYVL.
    • Input provided for KYVL PD course developed for Kentucky Skills U instructors.
  3. Market KYVL vision and services to potential members.
    • Targeted messages to constituent groups included in renewal messages.

9. Promote awareness of KYVL's value to all Kentuckians.

  1. Identify and showcase key measures and values to key audiences
  2. Commemorate KYVL@20 anniversary.
    • Creation and presentation of inaugural Sheree service award.
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