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Strategic Planning

Resources and Resource Sharing

Resources and Resource Sharing - Strategic Plan

1. Provide high-quality resources that serve the information needs of Kentuckians.

  1. Provide core databases consistent with member needs and KYVL resources.
  2. Explore enhanced offerings for member constituencies.

2. Facilitate resource sharing among Kentucky libraries.

  1. Provide access to courier service for all member public and academic libraries.
  2. Provide a platform for the sharing of unique local content through the Kentucky Digital Library.
F20-21 Progress
  • Core database follow-up survey
    • Prioritization of resources within budget
    • Database trials
    • Recommendations
      • Continuation of Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints
      • Retention of EBSCO K-8 eBook collection 
      • Note: Ancestry Library Edition access will continue through July 2022 through partnership with KDLA.
  • Minor revisions to Collection Development policy
  • July 13 restart after March 31, 2020 suspension of service
    • Proration of annual costs
    • Academic library alternate dropoff location plan developed to facilitate return of materials to academic libraries during quarantine.
  • New courier form developed and launched
    • Based on spring 2020 focus group convened for recommendations
    • Update / simplification of processes
    • Ability to use institutional OCLC symbols greater than three characters
    • Addition of messaging / alert capability
  • KLA conference presentation (October 2020): ILL and KYVL Courier Service: Pro Tips
  • Now shipping KDLA large print collections
Kentucky Digital Library (KDL)
  • Metadata focus
    • KDL metadata standards review leading to pending template changes
    • Exploration of tools and processes
      • Adoption of OpenRefine for metadata changes
      • Early exploration of CONTENTdm tools for uploading edited metadata
    • Metadata tutorials created
  • Member council events
    • Project Client Refresher webinar (October 2020)
    • Member Council meeting (January 2021)
      • Cantaloupe image viewer beta
      • Plans for review and cleanup of metadata
    • KDL Day (April 2021)
      • Importance of metadata
      • Introduction of OpenRefine, tutorials
      • Web team demos and member prioritization of possible site enhancements
      • Lightning round presentations by KDL members
  • Web page enhancements
    • Reorganization
    • Tutorials (see Web Team)
KDL Web Team
  • Site enhancements
    • Beta testing of Cantaloupe image viewer (beginning January 2021)
    • Customization to display EAD finding aids (in progress)
  • Support and training
    • Product updates shared at Member Council meetings
    • Website customiztions demostrated and prioritized
      • Ongoing implementation
    • Tutorials created and updated. Currently available:
      • Getting Started (1 tutorial)
      • Project Client / Adding and Editing Items (5 tutorials)
      • Customizations (3 tutorials)
      • Metadata (3 tutorials)

Information Literacy

Information Literacy - Strategic Plan

3. Promote a high level of information literacy among Kentuckians.

  1. Develop information literacy resources for all KYVL user communities.
  2. Coordinate and deliver training for librarians in the use of KYVL resources.
F20-21 Progress
Information literacy resources
  • Completed crosswalk of Information Literacy Skills Progression with the Kentucky Academic Standards for Library Media, including grade-band documents. Documents linked below.
  • Reviewed platforms for hosting repository content. Selected the Kentucky Digital Library, built on OCLC's CONTENTdm platform.
  • Pilot curation team formed to develop work flow and handle submissions.
  • Ongoing slate of conference presentations.
  • The Information Literacy Task Force was recognized with the inaugural KLA Excellence in Teaching Award at the KLA Annual Conference,
Librarian training
  • 47 trainings delivered.
  • 19 YouTube videos in the use of KYVL resources created and posted.
  • 14 conference presentations. For details, see Sustainability > Partnerships.

Member Services

Member Services - Strategic Plan

4. Maintain clear and timely communication with members.

  1. Deliver key messages via appropriate channels.
  2. Provide visual and interactive reporting of statistics to inform collections and operational decisions, promote transparency and demonstrate value.
  3. Maintain a responsive committee structure that reflects member and organizational needs.

5. Provide an excellent user experience with KYVL.

  1. Provide responsive assistance to member libraries and their end users who directly contact KYVL.
  2. Provide easy, effective interaction and feedback mechanisms for librarians and end users.
  3. Develop and maintain an appealing, intuitive, accessible and device-neutral web site that is well organized, relevant and up to date.
  4. Enhance user authentication and discovery services.

6. Maintain internal operational excellence.

  1. Maintain qualified staff at appropriate levels.
  2. Maintain efficient office systems and operations.
F20-21 Progress
Key messages
  • Messages to membership shared via KYVL News and KDL News e-lists
  • Public messaging share via KYVL blog, Twitter and Facebook.
  • F21 paid invoice notifications included estimated membership fees for F22.
  • Participated in phase 2 pilot of CCPLUS, a web-based application for harvesting COUNTER 5 usage reports via a SUSHI protocol endpoint. KYVL is working to become the first production installation of the software.
  • Created a pilot within a pilot in cooperation with Collections Work Group. Participants included JCPS, KCTCS, Madisonville Community and Technical College and Bellarmine University.
  • Creation of Affordable Learning Exploratory Task Force, which will continue as Affordable Learning Steering Committee
  • Information Literacy Task Force promoted to Information Literacy Work Group beginning in F21-22
User experience and feedback
  • 68 help desk tickets and 34 chats through March
  • Frequent use of surveys and forms to simplify user interactions. Currently available surveys and forms are linked.
    • Affordable Learning surveys
      • Affordable Learning in Kentucky Higher Ed
      • Affordable Learning Initiatives Survey
    • Collections
      • Collection Priorities Follow-up survey
      • Database Trial Feedback survey
    • Courier
      • Academic alternate drop-off location survey
      • Courier / ILL Best Practices survey
      • Courier form updates 
    • KDL Day Customization recipes survey
    • InfoLit Resource Submission Form
Web site
  • Reorganization of Courier pages.
  • Reorganization of KDL pages.
  • Creation of KDL tutorials.
Authentication and discovery
  • KYVL has found a public school district to partner in exploring user authentication using school email addresses.
  • Internal support previously provided by KYVL's business specialist was transferred to CPE's new support and logistics unit. External-facing support, particular regarding KYVL courier service and membership, is now vested with remaining KYVL staff.
  • CPE employees were directed to work at home beginning in March 2020. A gradual return to CPE offices has been underway for several months. Working from home has been a successful model for KYVL operations, and as the year draws to a close, KYVL staff are continuing to work from home. 
Systems and operations
  • KYVL has become the first production instance of CC-PLUS


Sustainability - Strategic Plan

7. Operate strategically and sustainably.

  1. Pursue a strategic agenda consistent with the priorities and Strategic Agenda of Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education.
  2. Apply equitable and sustainable funding models to all KYVL services within and among member constituencies and with respect to CPE funding.
  3. Pursue and promote value-added benefits for members.

8. Strengthen and grow the KYVL user community.

  1. Engage in partnerships that further the mission of KYVL.
  2. Promote awareness of KYVL’s vision, value and services.
  3. Identify and showcase measures and values to key audiences.
F20-21 Progress
Alignment with CPE Strategic Priorities - Affordable Learning
  • Practitioner group convened to consider applying for federal OER grant; determination not to submit
  • Led to convening of Affordable Learning Exploratory Task Force to address cost of textbooks and course materials for Kentucky Students
    • January 2021 retreat with presentations from:
      • VIVA - Open and Affordable Initiatives
      • Affordable Learning Georgia
      • KCTCS First-Day Textbook Initiative
      •  University of Pikeville Free Textbook Program
    • Curriculum drafted for OER PLC 
    • Preliminary exploratiion of need technology platforms
    • Survey of Kentucky institutions to determine affordable initiatives baseline
      • Volunteers identified for potential subcommittees
    • KLA / SLA Joint Spring Conference Presentation: Affordable Learning Kentucky: Strategies for Affordability and Success
  • Successful application to year-long AAC&U OER Institute to begin July 2021
  • Initial recommendations:
    • A statewide initiative provides the greatest likelihood of improving affordability and increasing opportunity for all Kentucky students.
    • A successful project will require a full-time project coordinator and funding.
  • Work to continue as Affordable Learning Steering Committee with focused subgroups
Funding model
  • Third year of formula implemented under transition rules
  • Work group continues to monitor impact of implementation and budgetary trends on membership
  • Funding chair and KYVL executive director presented overview of funding formula and implementation progress to SAALCK deans and AIKCU directors.
  • Healthcare formula piloted for multiple locations. Terms will be continued.
  • Funding data updated for year four of implementation. Invoices under transition rules to be issued around June 15.
Value adds
  • Ongoing upkeep of Value-added Benefits page for members, which includes offers from KYVL and non-KYVL vendors.
  • KYVL (COT) hosting first prioduction deployment of CCPLUS for SUSHI harvest of COUNTER5 stats.
  • KYVL's partnership with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) continues to thrive.
    • KDLA used CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act funds to pay for F20-21 KYVL membership for all 119 Kentucky public library systems, ensuring every Kentuckian the opportunity to access KYVL resources.
    • KDLA continued to fund licensing of Ancestry Library Edition for all KYVL members.
  • Conference participation and presentations
    • Kentucky Association of School Librarians Summer Refresher (July 2020)
      • Finding Magazines & Journals in KYVL
      • Finding eBooks in KVYL Collections
    • KDLA's Kentucky Youth and Children's Virtual Conference (September 2020)
      • Primary Sources in KYVL and in Kentucky
      • KYVL eBook Collections for K12
      • KYVL Basics Overview – QuickSearch/Finding Publications
      • AP/ACT Exam Prep from LearningExpress
    • Kentucky Library Association Virtual Fall Conference (October 2020)
      • Information Literacy from K to K: SLOs, Skills Progression and Resource Repository (with KYVL Information Literacy Task Force)
      • Resources to Support Social & Emotional Learning in K12 (with Kentucky Department for Education (KDE))
    • Kentucky Public Library Association Virtual Conference (March 2021)
      • Resources to Support Social & Emotional Learning in K12 (with KDE)
      • KYVL Digital Collections on a Virtual Shelf (with librarians from Jefferson and Fayette County Public Schools and Eminence Independent)
    • KLA / SLA Joint Spring Conference
      • Affordable Learning Kentucky: Strategies for Affordability and Success (with KYVL ALE Task Force)
      • Understanding Cultural Competence and Providing Supporting Resources (with CPE Diversity and Inclusion)
  • KYVL participates with other library consortia in ICOLC, the International Consortium of Library Consortia.
  • KYVL is a member of COUNTER, a non-profit organization supported by a global community working toward consistent, credible and comparable electronic database usage statistics.
Promote awareness of vision, values and services
  • Conference presentations, as noted under Partnerships
  • Ongoing e-list, blog and social media postings
  • 19 YouTube videos created and posted to KYVL's YouTube channel
  • Quarterly and annual reports to Kentucky Library Association board.
  • Quarterly updates to KLA's In-Fo-Cus newsletter.
Key measures
  • Funding formula presentation to SAALCK deans and AIKCU directors
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