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Strategic Planning

Resources & Resource Sharing

1. Provide access to high-quality resources that serve the information needs of Kentuckians.
  1. Provide access to core databases consistent with KYVL needs and resources.
    • Core database survey leading to recommendations and actions including:
      • Discontinuation of Scholastic GO June 30.
      • Addition of TumbleBookLibrary for F20-21.
    • In keeping with biennial review, the Collection Development Policy was updated to reflect additions to the Collections Work Group charge and CIP codes were removed from the appendices.
  2. Explore enhanced offerings for member constituencies.
    • Access to Ancestry Library Edition made possible through partnership with KDLA.
    • Continuation of TeenBook Cloud for F20 with intent to renew.
    • Extension of Opposing Viewpoints in Context through June 2020 with intent to renew.

2. Facilitate resource sharing among Kentucky libraries.

  1. Provide access to courier service for all member public and academic libraries.
    • Worked with vendor to implement warehouse pickup before beginning daily route.
      • In subsequent survey results, 73 percent of respondents said the change definitely (35%) or somewhat (38%) improved transit times.
    • Fulfillment of courier bag requests by KDLA beginning February.
      • Five-day service for KDLA facilitates speedy fulfillment.
      • Courier bag request form developed to simplify requests.
    • Courier service suspended March 31 due to COVID-19-related library closures.
    • Ongoing surveys and communication with libraries regarding suspending and resuming service.
    • Pre-stoppage courier participation at 161 libraries with 209 weekly stops.
  2. Provide a platform for the sharing of unique local content through the Kentucky Digital Library.
    • Launch of new KDL October 1, 2019, on
      • New KDL branded with new logo.
      • Preparatory update of collection aliases with friendly URLs according to new institution-based naming convention.
    • KLA preconference presentation, October 2020.
    • Inaugural meeting of KDL Member Council January 2020.
      • Revisions to MOA shared.
      • OCLC has been able to clean up all but a few of 76,000 broken links that pointed to the old KDL.
    • Web team developing and implementing enhancements, including:
      • Customization of header menu.
      • Incorporation of accessible, KYVL-themed icon colors.
      • Deployment of web team sandbox for previewing forthcoming functionality.
      • Creation of user tutorials for customizing collection websites and working with collections and items in CONTENTdm admin and the project client.
    • Year ends with:
      • 23 participating libraries and institutions.
      • 1.2 million items.
      • 37 published collections.

Information Literacy

3. Promote a high level of information literacy among Kentuckians.

  1. Develop information literacy resources for all KYVL user communities.
    • Information Literacy Task Force followed from pilot KYVL-LIRT Task force for years 2 and 3 (current year and F20-21).
      • Prioritization of identifying skills / SLOs before continuing to develop and compile instructional materials.
      • Creation of information literacy skills wish-list for each identified level of educational attainment: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12, 12+.
        • Developed in conjunction with K12 library media standards and ACRL Information Literacy Framework.
        • Document reflects a continuum of skills across age levels grouped by skills / SLOs.
      • Recruited additional K12 members to ensure representation of all audience levels.
    • Legacy How to Do Research tutorial converted to a KYVL LibGuide for accessibility from a broader range of devices.
    • Video training materials and scavenger hunts for elementary, middle and high school audiences developed.
  2. Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for training librarians in the use of KYVL resources.
    • Continued development of KYVL YouTube and TeacherTube channels.
    • Training information is consolidated at
    • KYVL staff-produced training included:
      • 8 training events - conferences or in-person workshops.
      • 17 one-on-one or small-group webinars.
      • 16 video tutorials created for YouTube.
      • 90 help desk tickets / chats.

Member Services

4. Provide tools for an excellent user experience when accessing KYVL resources and services.

  1. Develop and maintain an appealing, intuitive, accessible and device-neutral web site.
    • Reorganization of pages underway with attention to mobile-friendly rendering.
    • Home-page redesign under development; user feedback to be solicited.
  2. Enhance user authentication and discovery services.
  3. Provide easy, effective interaction and feedback mechanisms for librarians and end users.
    • Development of forms and surveys to promote ease and consistency of communication, including:
    • DNS changes to simplify URLs for password ( and courier ( forms.
    • Courier form focus group met in May, generating recommendations for CPE developers. Target date for implementation to coincide with restart of courier service.
  4. Provide user-friendly tools for statistical reporting and comparisons.
    • Working with CPE developers to mine EZproxy logs and develop KYVL data warehouse.

5. Maintain clear and timely communication with members.

  1. Develop and implement a strategy to deliver key messages to key audiences via appropriate channels.
    • Funding spreadsheet with F21 estimates shared in March.
    • Invoice distribution moved from June 1 to June 15 to accommodate CPE Admin Services request.​
    • Messaging to membership via KYVL News and KDL News e-lists; public messaging via KYVL blog, Twitter and Facebook.
    • News releases:
  2. Develop and implement a strategy for robust reporting of statistics to inform collections and operational decisions and promote transparency.
    • Working with CPE developers to mine EZproxy logs and develop KYVL data warehouse.
  3. Ensure that web site content is well organized, relevant and up to date.
    • Consolidation and reorganization of pages underway.
  4. Assist member libraries and their end users who directly contact KYVL.
    • Ongoing enduser support.

6. Maintain internal operational excellence.

  1. Maintain excellent staff at appropriate levels.
    • KYVL business specialist reassigned to new agency logistics and support unit.
  2. Maintain efficient office systems and operations.
    • Agency work from home order beginning March 16 still in effect.


7. Operate strategically and sustainably.

  1. Pursue a strategic vision consistent with the priorities and Strategic Agenda of Kentucky's Council on Postsecondary Education.
    • KYVL for All: As Kentucky schools began online instruction in March, KYVL opened database resources through the end of the school year to 72 nonmember public school districts serving 147,000 students. Private schools may also request access. Access was also extended to Kentucky's seven nonmember public libraries. KYVL for All will continue through June.
    • In support of Kentucky's displaced college and university students, KYVL provided a listing of public library access points for CPE's COVID-19 response pages.
  2. Apply equitable and sustainable funding models to all KYVL services within and among member constituencies and with respect to CPE funding.
    • With second year of implementation of new funding formula characterized by simplicity & clarity; equity & impartiality; and sustainability:
      • 41 of 52 academic libraries in formula.
      • 60 percent of K12 members in formula.
      • 64 of 112 public libraries in formula.
      • 5 of 16 special libraries in formula.
    • Funding factor for for-profit academics was changed to $10 per FTE.
    • Kentucky Digital Library members continue to receive the first 10 GB of storage at no charge. For large storage increases (over 100 GB), members will be billed a prorated amount mid-year.
  3. Pursue and promote value-added benefits for members.
    • Value add page featuring vendor offers for KYVL members added to KYVL membership pages.
    • Courtesy databases made available during school and library closures from multiple KYVL vendors.

​8. Strengthen and grow the KYVL user community.

  1. F20 Maintain a responsive committee structure that reflects member and organizational needs.
    • Information Literacy Task Force to continue for third year, evaluate future.
  2. Engage in partnerships that further the mission of KYVL.
    • KYVL's partnership with the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives continues to thrive:
      • Funding from KDLA made it possible for KYVL to add Ancestry Library Edition to its database offerings.
      • KDLA assisted KYVL in gathering data on public library wifi access to support displaced students (see 7a, above).
      • With KYVL's move to more restricted offices in January, KDLA agreed to take on fulfillment of courier bag requests.
  3. Market KYVL vision and services to potential members.
    • KYVL for All has allowed nonmember schools and libraries to access KYVL resources. 
    • Targeted messages to constituent groups included in renewal messages to continue.

9. Promote awareness of KYVL's value to all Kentuckians.

  1. Identify and showcase key measures and values to key audiences
    • Ongoing communication via e-lists, blog posts and social media.
  2. Commemorate KYVL@20 anniversary.
    • In it's first 20 years, KYVL and its member libraries served the Commonwealth with:
      • 750 million database searches.
      • 3 million items delivered by KYVL courier.
      • Hundreds of millions of dollars in savings on retail database costs.
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